Doris Lessing died (17 Nov 2013) exactly at the moment this paragraph was composed. Checking to correlate the population statistics with her birth, because the argument of  Sirian control is so much more profound if the population has tripled in 72 years, 2 billion in 1927 to 6 billion in 1999, this alone is suspicious. From Lessing’s birth in 1919, the world population  (1927) tripled, 2 to 7 billion (2012). The means of control however cubed, as Opiomes shows, but so much more data of 5G, NSA, etc. prefer available causations.

Those buildings then exteriorized as ideas at HistoPossum (still a work in progress). Those billions absorbed in this greater collective mind make none believe they are unique. This is called elsewhere “the wisdom of crowds.” The battle of the great against the small and all together against any one separate is a the cosmic doctrine that preoccupies this “science.” The War On Neptune is the most recent of our pamphlets taking part for this mouse, or human against the cosmos that insists we experiment on mice to save ourselves, that invites  the human to be the mouse. The individual is not countenanced by the god of “forces” the war deity whose mention occurs backwards and forwards from Daniel (11.38). Lessing demonstrates how this war casts the individual under the bus of the collective: 1) We do not acknowledge the collective, 2) we think we are autonomous, unique, 3) that our minds are our own. Such exaggerations are the purpose of the cosmic to reduce us to control in the midst of ballyhoo about freedom and access to information. The masses are ruled with impressive collective control. Another case for the synchronist was found when it was found she had literally just died during this writing. Look at the date/time stamp. I had not contemplated the Sirian Experiments for years since those days as a scout for Bonita Porter, and then not contemplated taking up questions of the Alien Colonies. I had reexamined the Canopus series the previous night to awake that morning to compose its Preface. Lessing’s Neanderthal Ben, or Grendel, further speak of the disaffections that Brief our discensions.

Beyond its predictive programming buildings shape the mind that enters them. From a distance, all ideas, images and metaphor do. In the Preface to The Sirian Experiments (1981) Doris Lessing says in the context of a battle “between Forces” involving Canopus and Sirius: “I would not be at all surprised to find out that this earth had been used for the purposes of experiment by more advanced creatures…that the dimensions of buildings affect us in ways we don’t guess and that there might have been a science in the past which we have forgotten…that we may be enslaved in ways we know nothing about, befriended in ways we known nothing about” (viii).

Enemies of the human who design the Washington Mall and the Vatican Square to mirror each other use buildings to Shape Mind to some predicted but coded end, part of a strategy to dwarf the human by size and number which architectures hide. This dwarfing is the illusion of Lessing’s individual: “the chief one [enemy] is the nature of the group mind, the collective minds we are all part of, though we are seldom prepared to acknowledge this. We see ourselves as autonomous creatures, our minds our own, our beliefs freely chosen, our ideas individual and unique…with billions and billions and billions of us on this planet, we are still prepared to believe that each of us is unique, or that if all the others are mere dots in a swarm, then at least I am this self-determined thing, my mind my own” (ix).

SF dictims, now furthered by gov-sci and genetic tinkerers (which you can peruse in the raw Legends of Kurk Wold), whether Pleiadian or not, are a good summary of the Canopean that appears here (p 242f) where we learn that the Canopeans genetically engineered the human and sent benevolent alien giants to tutor them in their protohuman state, just opposite the Book of Enoch where the Trojan prototype is buried in all books to deceive us to take the Horse into the city. That the Ur human supposedly fell by failure of the cosmic influence is entirely backwards. The giants are malevolent and the purpose of latter day genetic engineering to make the man immortal is to make him a bastard to himself. Lessing is admired for her disdain of the Nobel committees who honor their own. It is said she got the Nobel award for her enlightenment of feminine relations, a put down, for she is a poet, a speaker against tyranny, and that is her reward. I call her a poet, but it is merely a matter of the greater and the less to celebrate being, family and home in which no pretense of culture is needed or occurs.  The greater failing the less as a refuge, the less is always desired, driven out with a chip of ice in the heart (Graham Greene) to conduct symphonies in the case of fiction, or solos and quartets, in the case of poems of  pain and suffering. It doesn’t matter whether it’s poetry or prose, whether the Descent into Hell is exteriorized in a man on a life raft, as Lessing has it, or sent into verse below the sea and earth, as Dante, the subject is the same. But don’t pretend the middle is of any value between these two. The middle is the thought controlled mass of the collective.

But the entire human race has been altered. U.N. stats say there are 2.2 billion obese, about a third of humanity in 2017. These people literally did not exist before 1970 when BMI of 30 was a rarity. In the UK, a quarter of adults are obese – with a body mass index (BMI) over 30 today. It compares to just one in 35 in the 70s. Ambulances have had to be redesigned, chairs for 500 lb patients acquired, “bariatric” engineering of doors, seats, beds, clothes invented to cover the flesh. BMIs of 40 with comorbid conditions are common, the highest level of obesity among children and young adults was in the U.S., at nearly 13%. Egypt topped the list for adult obesity at 35%. Not only did this epidemic not exist in 1970, neither did its victims. Earth population in 1970 was 3.7 billion, and 2 billion in 1927. The entire globe tripled in the lifetime of one grandfather, tripled in number and exploded in these 2 billion obese in size so that a person of 1950 would walk into a Walmart in Fort Stockton or anywhere and say, WHAT HAPPENED? Deficit spending? But neither does that account for the ghastly human animal hybrid population that NEVER existed at all (unless Atlantis). So scenarios of reptile shape shifting harvests of human body parts in this world are as likely an explanation as the notion that along with harvesting the human the effort is also annihilation. These are products of intention. Masses of deformed people with slowed awareness  resemble in their deformation the radioactive deformed fascin-formed, abnormal growth, increase in weight and volume of the daisy with hormonal, genetic, bacterial, fungal, viral and environmental causes. bloated, deformed, elongated, swollen. Mutual effects of this same cause unnamed add to the swelling of the earth from within as another effect. If you like to argue inner to outer, do. Edema is any swelling of the body where fluid becomes stuck in the tissue. This is so geologically not just from magma, or ocean swelling, but pressures from the sun and swelling within from the strangelets of CERN.


Isis at the Gates

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Denver acceptance, Pergamon altar in the background, Ishtar Gate at podium foreground

ISIS Ishtar and the U. S. God Drone – Confusion of Myth

What’s the difference between a caliphate, a supreme religious political empire on earth, and Rome, or Babylon or England, except what side you’re on?  When the caliphate of ISIS took the appearance of Ishtar at the Obama acceptance speech in Denver 2008 wasn’t that its invitation to immigrate to America, an invitation given without consulting all the parties. Provocateurs! Who was advising Obama that day? Does ISIS know that ISIS is equivocated? If they think that Isis is Ishtar it came about that when our President stood at a mock Altar of Pergamos, altar of Zeus and its frieze of Gigantomachy in Berlin, mixing his gods at the bar of caliphaty, appropriating the Ishtar Gate for the foreground of his Denver acceptance speech, Ishtar’s promise covered the podium of his address: “touch me here, touch me there and I will give you riches beyond telling.” Myths are easy confused. Now ISIS not only wants to visit, it wants to rule!  When the American nominee had visited the Pergamos museum on the new Babylonian border, that is, during his trip to and momentous speech in Berlin just before, he saw Pergamos and the Ishtar Gate together and joined them in a combined act of genius in Denver. Baghdad, Babylon, Rome.

The ISIS Gate

Just to bring us up to date on Isis, she is an Egyptian, but Ishtar, the goddess of sex and war is Akkadian, née Babylonian, the public relations arm of the Babylon gods whose altars and gates were stolen and taken to Germany in the 19th century, masked as archeological sites. Who doubts that if the Germans could also have taken Isis  they would have? So the modern ISIS interest in Germany is also an allure, but confused, since while she is the original queen mother, Ishtar is but a mere strumpet. Ishtar’s signs were the lapis and the lion, blue and gold. In the ancient poem Gilgamesh she was the foul goddess, “the door through which the cold gets in.” She would turn you to a frog. This explains American foreign policy.

Way back in old Jerusalem they baked cakes with Ishtar’s face (Jeremiah 44), which captives saw after the fall of Jerusalem as they marched into the inner city of Babylon through the Ishtar gate. What is inner Babylon?  Indeed you ask. Who is Ishtar that she should be invited to a surrogate reign in America? The president’s men could not have read what Gilgamesh said when Ishtar invited him into her arms. “Give me your semen; plant your seed in the body of Ishtar. Abundance will follow riches beyond the telling”  (Gilgamesh. David Ferry, 29).

Altar of Pergamos in Berlin

Babylon to Berlin to Denver were her stops, but not in words;  images revealed the Novus Ordo Seclorum of the American seal, soul of the sweet Golden Age of Hesiod and Homer gone to brass. The three harvests of this golden age were Apollo, Apollyon, and Abaddon. From Nimrod to America came the harvest of ISIS, ISIL, the caliphate of the Levant! The myth says the golden ego of Osiris was already there.

The Obama team may not have known this, or maybe they believed the promise of abundance. But Ishtar didn’t want either Gilgamesh or Barak personally; she only wanted the office of the president. In the language of the poem, a lion in the pit, the horse hobbled in mud, the goatherd turned to a wolf, the bird that fell, the man himself would be discarded. How many likenesses we need not know, but when Ishtar said to the tempted gardener,

“Now, touch me where you dare not, touch me

here, touch me where you want to, touch me here.”

(Gilgamesh, Ferry, 31)
he knew not to “eat the rotten food / having been taught to eat the wholesome.”  I hope nobody thinks from this that Ishtar is a whore. It’s not nice to call names. Once rejected she turned the gardener into a frog. You thought I was going to say king. It was only because she was hungry. The choice symbolically for Gilgamesh was, have your spirit broken and your mind imprisoned, or, as happens when he too rejects her, be confronted with the bull of heaven loosed by her rage.  Ishtar’s complaint against Gilgamesh, King of Uruk (Baghdad) was that “he has found out my foulness” (32).
You are the fire that goes out. You are the pitch

that sticks to the hands of the one who carries the bucket.

You are the house that falls down. You are the shoe

that pinches the foot of the wearer. The ill-made wall

that buckles when time has gone by. The leaky

waterskin soaking the waterskin carrier.
Gilgamesh’s rejection of harlotry is opposed by his free rein in taking every other form of woman, which in the allegory means country, Panama, Vietnam… from brides before their marriage, to all wives and daughters, but Gilgamesh recognizes that supernatural coitus steals manhood.  Why do we always talk in code?  Bull? These forces anyway shared the Denver stage through the gate German archeologists took to Berlin. The president  spoke from the middle of the image  in his acceptance. “Abundance will follow, riches without telling,” all of course, with the procession of lapis and aurochs and cedar before the walls of lions.
It was a one stop shop. Gilgamesh, 2500 B.C, Babylon 600 B.C, Berlin, 1930, Denver, 2008. At least the President was not a spoil sport like Daniel who did to Nebuchadnezzar’s gods what Abraham did to Nimrod’s, where the lions on the Gate, symbols of Ishtar, had their mouths shut.


The United States is not even symbolically mentioned in the Bible. Rome is there. Babylon is there.  Russia is there.

“This [American Christian nation] myth has inclined us to Christianize many pagan aspects of our culture” says Boyd (13). A Novus Ordo Seclorum – New Order for the Ages – with pagan gods sprawled all over the Capitol Dome and currency- is an awkward contradiction for a Christian nation. Boyd had the good sense not to name the pagans of constructive chaos behind the myth of the dome. The World  Below the Dome is symbolic of all these mythic structures we cannot see. So we may take our dome as a godsend of revelation even if it is really holding us in a hiding in the holes and rocks of caves.
Shame that E Pluribus Unum is pagan? The motto on the dollar bill doesn’t say, “Gather Together In One All Things In The Messiah, both in heaven and on earth in Him.” The coins of ancient Israel were inscribed “Jerusalem the Holy,” but Americans grope to a seclorum end, not of the Son of Psalm 2, Kiss the Son whose kingdom is set upon the holy hillThe seclorum sounds more like Hosea 13.2,  the work of craftsmen where the sacrificers of men kiss the calves. Calf kissing and human sacrifice  is being pursued downtown at the Uruk hotel of the Kidney, or the Capitol of The Severed Head  and Ishtar, we shall say.

Why disrespect the American gods when no body believes in them? Do you follow Zeus? Myth is such an acquired taste. What’s wrong with George Washington ascending to heaven on the Capitol Dome inhabited by the gods Athena, Poseidon, Hermes, Vulcan, Demeter? Well, only that Judeo-Christian scripture makes the breaking of these gods its prime tenet. Not just the Greek gods either, but Ishtar’s face broken on those cookies and idols of stone whose earlier versions of Greek pantheon were all broken by Abraham.  That’s why Nimrod threw him in the furnace, disrespect of the gods. What’s the connection between the Greek/Roman gods and Ishtar’s Babylon in America? We find out in a new age of myth. 

Abraham’s Hammer 
Down here in D. C. the dome represents mythic control. If pieces of the Capitol are one day sold as the Berlin Wall was (for the movies are taking out the White House and Capitol most summers), come and buy, come and buy — vendors will have the same world they’ve always had, that is, whoever is unjust, let him be unjust still  (Johnny Cash). Pieces of new world rising, shunned along with what raises itself to heaven with George in the funnel of the Capitol Dome, sucking up to the miscegenate gods, will swirl. They swirl, they swirl and then comes the sound. I’m saying that there has been a takeover and all the pieces of this new world shunned by Abraham are the New Washington Order that Welcomes Lincoln to Heaven, but it is not the one we know, or John Adams and Benjamin Rush, who protested against Washington’s deification. What could we have against our Fathers, or against what they did or didn’t do?  Back masked,  E Pluribus Unum becomes  the cord its adversaries use to strangle them.

AE Reiff  is an innkeeper @ Content With This Name Is Not Allowed.

Mirrored from the Camel Saloon Gallery.

The Cave

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The illusion is so strong it asserts the world we see is real and not the reflection of a bubble. World does not mean nature. World means mental, creating intrinsic value.

The illusion states that Faulkner, Yeats are great from their own merit and not for the purpose they serve in fostering the illusion.

The illusion encompasses all the fine thinkers, a world so manifold it contradicts itself at all points, supports all sides in every contest, invests in all philosophies, governments, always lends a hand.

Our chief advantage, sparing a more active intervention in our lives that imprisons us with the threat of death, is that we are no thrones, truly nobodies, unnoticed.

“Puff Graham,” Hearst said. Puff marks a pathetic state of all who want to be puffed. Not content with breath, want to be known for it, easy exploits of illusion.

Not even Babylon controls this system where every slogan,  common belief, public opinion of the segment we call the righteous falls, then it is a hero, and its enemies are the goats, since it serves its purpose to fund them both. Both hold up umbrella.

My solution of this is “for thy sake we are killed all the day long.”

The Gates of Hell

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Lift up your heads o ye gates!  Be lifted up you everlasting doors!  And the King of glory shall come in! Who is the King of glory? It is YHVH of hosts. He is the King of glory!

I. The Gates of Hell

A search for the gates of heaven in art proves practically meaningless, but the gates of hell are rich beyond contentment.

Athena in Gigantomachy
frieze on Pergamon Altar.

Rodin, Gates of Hell

The modern architect has a vision of hell, but not in words. Whoever first invented the term Gates of hell, Cephas, the apostle Peter, was told that they could not stand against him, or the Church. That was before the Gates infiltrated the city and the church.

City gates represented every authority of government for a walled city. Elders, merchants, would sit in the gates. Anything written about Rodin’s Gates of Hell is interpretation…

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Star Worship

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Guggenheim-Bilbao Leviathan and EU Parliament-Babel combine with a spider and a siren and the Blue Horse of Denver as examples of intimidation iconography.  Visions of reality to dwarf the viewer, shrink confidence. Structures read like comic illustrations, semaphores on the runways of the new age that Anubis and the Denver Murals are signaling. Architects, dubbed “archistars” for their designs, make starchitecture to memorialize the works of thousands of years,  including the Trojan Horse and the Ishtar Gate. The Blue Horse in Denver doesn’t quite seem demonic enough. Such honor should be reserved for that part human / part beast seen by the Aztecs as the Spanish on horseback. The nature of a centaur seems to fit this vision, which has its modern counterparts.

Angry centaurs fomenting fabulous rage, suddenly horse’s arms and legs and hooves came out of their shoulders, wild, savage, and lustful but not in any desired sense. This is the deformed  centaur that emerges from a Marxist mind, much the way Zeus invented a cloud that looked like Hera to trap Ixion in betraying his loyalty by sleeping with her, and when Ixion had sex with the cloud, he begot the centaur. So Zeus made a cloud that looked like Hera and while Ixion was sleeping in a field laid the figure, next to him. When Ixion awoke, he thought Hera was laying naked beside him and began to have sex with her. This cloud figure of Hera was later named Nephele, Forget what happened to Ixion after that, stay with the issue of invented progeny, the centaur. Zeus was so angry when he saw his suspicions confirmed that he drove Ixion from Mount Olympus, struck him with a thunderbolt, and then damned Ixion to be eternally bound to a flying burning wheel that would spin around the heavens nonstop (though it was later moved to Tartarus).

Hera’s cloud was an invention of Zeus to catch Ixion in his betrayal. Take the cloud as information scattering and Zeus as the overlord  government. But even wsorse, Cloud Nephele had a child from this phantom union of the cloud and the man whose name came to be Centaurus, but as its mother was a cloud, a crowd, and it was a deformed child who hunched over and found no peace amongst other humans. The only place where Centaurus felt like he belonged was on the mountain of Pelion. Here, he roamed, lived, and mated with the Magnesian mares who resided there. This resulted in the birth of the centaur race. Nothing else was mentioned about Centaurus after that.

The depictions in ancient Sumer of horses with the head of a lion, hair of a woman, and stingers in their tails as if from Bergman’s Seventh Seal preview recombinant mutants of all kinds from USDA labs.  The movies long ago replaced the news as sources of current events. Movies and of course the classics. Visiting Anubis, the Jackal-headed death dog that floated down the Thames from Egypt on its world tour, joins the line of iconic figures that dwarf or magnify the past in the guise of bringing art to the masses.The starchitectures of Gigantotomy are a lot to take in one, let alone many: the Tower of Babel, Ishtar Gate, Capitol Dome, Washington Monument, Nebuchadnezzar’s gold statue, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, EU Parliament, Denver Airport, the eyes of Oculus Horus in the subway beneath the 9/11 site, a vortex swallowing the globe. Name your own. Goat statues don’t count. The starchitectures of Gigantotomy are a lot to take in one.   Opiomes the Domes!


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David ordered seven sons of Saul killed to pacify the complaint of the Gibeonites that Saul offended, which was punished by a three year famine causing David’s action. Connection, connection connection, the head of Sheba son of Bichri was thrown down the wall of his hometown before Joab could destroy that city, all for rebelling against the king.

This is to say that beheadings are not new to the space, whether newsmen or journalists, but what is new is the notion that individuals have rights separate from their past and pasts of both their families and their tribes and people, neighbors, and that these individual rights outweigh all this history. To these they don’t. ISIS wants to suck U.S. in. It’s not a mistake, it’s a strategy.

The Severed Head in the Layer Monument

Opiomes by AE Reiff – issuu

Title: Opiomes, Author: AE Reiff, Name: Opiomes, Length: 47 pages, Page: 1, … us back to Dr. Caligari and beheadings, some above, others below the ground.

xpired Archives–AE Reiff: Multidimensional Upset [CDENSORED …
Firebrands and beheadings will ensure what Goya portrayed. So while we are waiting to understand the contradiction of the censor, consider whether “if the …
 Feb 26, 2018 – “A Visit of Kurkwold”, fiction by AE Reiff at Full of Crow, winter 2018. … The cage was the brain beheaded world. Think of it as plexi tubes and …
 by AE Reiff Estimado los conversos visionaries todo quemados, I misread the … Since it had to do with the processes of thought I called them beheadings of the …
So while I’m running up there to be beheaded I only do it from inner compulsion. What you … in all the earth. Bio: AE Reiff performs at Death of the Imagination.
Feb 27, 2014 – Genome and language are analogues having to do with the processes of thought I call beheadings of the brain.The irony that it took only 300 …

Feb 16, 2014 – … Sir Walter Raleigh joined the new world folly for gold in Guiana, resulting in the death of his son, piracy and his Raleigh’s own beheading.



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John Silbur  in Radical Evil about the Willkür and will leads to my memory of an audience with him in 1969 when he was Dean of Arts and Sciences at UT. Maybe he made it the Athens it was (Ameryca With a Y, Part II) for that decade. He wanted the best teachers. I had been fired as a TA in English for being in Linguistics, which masked the real reasons. Riding a wave of two years in North Carolina teaching at FSC and getting fired, ending up at Texas that fall, enthusiastically with wild assignments and classes, unchecked because there were after all 600 TAs, I took an interpretation of composition underlying everything expansive about the individual, if constraints and restraints were thrown off. At Bishop  one college year, assigned remedial English, I  began to generate a grammar on the board with the students from the way they spoke. The college reassigned me in a few weeks to another class, the difference between reassignment and reprimand being the new letters, Phd, after my name. I expressly said that all human beings are geniuses in the expression of their thought streams. You can see Blake cannot be tolerated and is a threat to every control. If it wasn’t clear who was going to win at Texas you can guess. At that time though I was only on my second firing, had more left, along with further natural disturbances to walk, the workman’s comp against the Clayton Foundation over radioactive zylene, the destruction of the drug garden. It took decades to purge these impulses.

Give credit to our masters though, they know what they’re doing. I never taught again after 1986, but those efforts from the The Balaclava Bakery, the pseudonymous fiction since 2005, along with Histopossum and Opiomes since 2011, were equally well adjusted. As one dissenting student said in an evaluation, “will they let just anybody teach?” Students used to leave me little tokens of their affection and encouragement all the time, cones of incense, notes, cards with phrases like, “keep on truckin.” It makes a big difference not to be bored out of your skull in English class.

These student comments were elicited from Fayetteville students immediately before arriving in Tejas:

–This letter’s sole purpose is to introduce you to one……and to inform you about his ability as an English instructor. Being in the same room with this man for four months has played a greater effect on my whole life than the 14 years of schooling which I have had previously. His wonderful ability to make you think is something only experience can tell. The method he uses is not a “do or else” but of a desire to learn as much as possible in a short time.

–The mere idea of a young man his age having the intellectual abilities which he possesses is almost frightening. his style and his ideas can only be compared to those of an intellectual genius. There isn’t any way to describe this man’s talents in a letter or a book, one would have to come in contact with this man in order to believe that person like this really exists.

–He is a teacher who will make the black student wonder about. He does not speak too highly of his own race, but seems to enjoy working with the blacks. Questions enter the student’s mind which take a long time to answer. I am still puzzled about his concern for the blacks.

–Being a white man in a black school, he shows no sign of prejudice towards the black student.

It is true that he is a white man, but what negro man or woman could you go to and tell him your problems and ask for help? Not one! The negro man will give some smart remarks and try to get fresh, whilr the negro woman doesn’t like you because you look better than she does.

–He is different from other instructors I have had in his grotesque ideas. His ideas are not really grotesque but they seem so different from any other instructors. He wanted to make us think and there is no better way than to look at happenings from a mixed up point of view.

I have retained these attitudes throughout, avoiding the admissions of weariness celebrated by Garrison Keillor and Billy Collins in their interview [31:00f] whose  intellect must have also enturded their life of mind, as Ambrose Gordon says, “Supposedly correcting all these papers which tell me / of sin, and of Melville/ …I turn a blank page / to confront a still blanker mind.” Taking the view that literature is misery Keillor says “almost everyone I know who taught college English wound up exhausted, burnt out, bitter, tired of reading more term papers about Huck Finn. Collins, ambivalent and sardonic says, “That’s me. How did you know? Reading student writing is spiritually bad for you…reading bad writing is not good for your soul…has deeply damaging effects over the years.” It’s as if they have no being, no love in them. Try as I might however, I could not get a job in Phoenix after 1986. An interviewer of Grand Canyon decided I would leave after our residency was up, etc.  But don’t be sad, if you missed out. I did single appearances in each of my children’s schools to rave reviews of the teachers. In this age of crowd wisdom any audacity of thinking and being astonishes more than it did then. I might be pushing double the number of firings.

The one effort Tejas made at governance upon my fellow TA participants and myself disbanded, facetiously blamed upon my wild assignments. Assignments were shared by TAs around a table, but after three meetings Maureen McElroy the thing ended. That was Fall ’68. By Spring ’69 things had progressed well beyond. I held all night evening classes along the Colorado River, began that semester with each member of a traveling trio of actors I was associated with coming in and introducing themselves as the teacher. This went so far that a local radio station in 1970 called the English department for permission to attend one of these classes.

One stormy eight o’clock morning where, while I was reading Blake on thunder and lightning, just at the appearance of those words there was intense thunder and lightning. There were other weather effects too so that one student had called upon the Ultimate Authority, the Radio. We all know what that will lead to. Good teachers get fired. So instead of a reporter the department next day sent the assistant head of Freshman English, a retired Baptist minister, to listen (surreptitiously) outside the door. The theme of the class being psychological games, according to the syllabus, Youth and Identity in Crisis by Erikson etc.,  we had done transactional analysis with Eric Berne and so on. But the night before this class my wife and I had accepted an invite by a fellow grad student and his wife for dinner at their place, which I accepted because the guy had a lion in Phlugerville that I had visited. As the evening progressed they asked if we wanted to play a game. They called it the marriage game. It had a board and dice and places to land. Maybe they made it themselves. Maybe such things are marketed. As the game progressed with little touchie feelie things, gently escalating toward its main intent, they suggested bringing out the hookah, or maybe that too was a board move, which they did and passed around.  As the game progressed I started saying no. Of course my wife was also saying no. You can be sure of one thing, those who want to seduce you do not attract but repel. Saying no went further until they said the game didn’t like us anymore, as if that hurt! After a decent interval we left. Some hours later, I realized the hookah was spiked with meth. That morning in that class I had put this game up on the board, except instead of calling it a marriage game I called it what it was, a fuck game, and was analyzing with the class its techniques of seduction, all to the unseen audience of the assistant chairman outside the door. I had an audience with him myself after that where he told me about the radio station and etc. I didn’t think too much of it until I got the letter from the English Department at the end of the semester saying that since I was in linguistics that was intolerable and I had to be let go. This happened before semester’s end so I got myself evaluated by the students according to due process and took the evaluations to the Dean of Arts and Sciences John Silbur on appeal, since I both wanted and needed a job. He sized me up quick. I didn’t realize then how much I had in common with him, except I was a poet and he a philosopher, but he must have seen it. German Presbyterian educators of the underdog, let us say. I could have deliberated with him about Donald Barnhouse. He did ask about the difference between the two sections.  I replied that every class is different, such a normal response he passed it. The evaluations themselves were so far off the charts that you’d think they were reviewing a standup night club act. Maybe part tent meeting, part…. I’m embarrassed by it now, (see Ameryca With a Y, IV.1) but at that time was compelled. Silbur wrote to Mr. English and said that while it was theirs to decide he wanted the best people on the job. If you knew the Dean and the department, that was an ultimatum which English post haste obeyed and rehired me. I then decided that I didn’t belong in linguistics anyway and transferred to English, which Dr. Lehmann regretted, since he was recruiting me for an NDEA grant. Imagine. In all fairness I was also thought to have been involved in an attempt to unionize the 600 English TAs at that time, which did not happen. The department started its own AGSE and I was elected to its board as co-chair (briefly). So when I think of John Silbur and Willkür and will, his best work, although interested in Architecture of the Absurd obviously, and his 15 million foot build out at Boston U, failing to be elected gov of Mass by a last second interview in which he would not say what his bad points were, his 41 year old son dying at home, his childhood in SA having to fight for respect because of his arm, not being told his aunt died in Auschwitz, or even that his father’s family were Jews, I recognize his full fledged humanity, but, as with us all, it is a vanity of our time to know this when it matters. Only afterward do we know. It didn’t matter, he wasn’t elected governor, but he saved BU. That doesn’t matter either. What matters is that he was a philosopher who ruled his Republic. In the end what lasts is the example.