Dogon Nommos, Annunaki, OBrien, Farrell Godzilla

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Godzilla From Another Planet

In sexual terms, space is yonic or phallic, or so it would seem “if mankind’s original owner-creators were suddenly to return,” the phallic.  This androcentric bias of the space god program coming in makes us want to ask why Zeus wants to be mortal. “Is there a code within the genetic code” to suggest who we are, says the Hoover salesman (Genes, 157-8)? “Is there a hint of artificiality of modern man?” So many questions so little time. These confusions were also suffered by Hugo de Garis in his Artilect machine, but we have got used to the idea that a man wanted to be a girl, or vice versa, like a frog changing sex, as if a dog wanted to be cat, or a chicken. First the gender, then the species. Human sex robots and genetic super soldier hybrids are remedies already provided, except maybe in Thailand where to overcome these problems of artificiality  the salesmen could get together with a woman, have children, or read Chuang Tzu instead of Kharsag.  But not in the west anymore.

Two views of Human have come to rest among many.

1) the human oppressed by the planets and gods idolized in Babylonian ritual is victimized yet again with another sometime visitation, or

2)  the human origin is based on a law of the heavens that teaches liberty, sun and moon are legislators of that law, and the man is given supervision over the work of creation, but not with the planetary astrology of Sumer, Assyria and Babylon.  As the fingers are part of hand and that Hand made the heaven, so dominion over the fowl of the air and the fish of the sea extends to Leviathan under foot below, and by extension, though SETI is more interested in finding it above, to the heaven. The human of this second view seems to have imploded somewhat from its origin.

A Landing Place

The God-ens, or St. Gauden, as we might call Joseph P. Farrell with his O’Brien placenta, propose a new morality for the space god landing. In place of blood, give semen, and for murder, take ovum. I hope that’s not clear. However could it be?  Ask yourself why ET’s think of nothing to do after traveling space and time but to act like men, like the Greek gods. But the gods don’t seek pleasure with a woman.

Zeus thinks any woman would vie for the privilege.  But not just any woman will do, for there are millions to be had with no fuss or mess, so why are scientists taking women to be caught in the act? We know this from YouTube.

Goden Age Religion

The god-en age religion theory states there are two ideas of entertainment that presume the woman to brood for space gods, or “the shining ones.” Man of course being irrelevant, a mere byproduct of these Shiners in order they that might breed and rebreed a  race of mutants, breeds, hybrids and mulattoes, to borrow a term from their racism so inept. Noah is described as shining “white as snow,” long hair “white as wool” (Genes, 153). Even more than the Caucasoid the image suggests a copy of the  Revelations, who unlike Nebuchadnezzar’s statue is alive. Constant borrowing mimics these appearings. The catch is that the god-ens want to breed the Kharsag text of Akkadia with their own translation, rebreed it the way they say the Shiners did the human until the words rimku and tittu  made over into sperm and ovum, sperm from above and egg from the woman below, presto-chango, make a myth of artificial insemination of Anunnaki and the Engineered Man. Which still does not tell us why the space gods are androcentric, or why they are even interested in breeding.

Anunnaki and the Engineered Man

 Just in case you implicitly believe the line that:

“In genetic terms, this mixture was to be half Lordling and half Human; and since the former are stated to have provided the male elements, the female elements must have been taken from the human women” the Cro-Magnon tribes (Genes,150).

A kind of bad news reincarnation theory, multiple contacts with some intelligence from somewhere, made immense scientific breakthroughs and many comic books of public consumption science. That these beings will reappear to possess their planet and the humans on it because… they been here before is Contact!

According to the God-ens, title comes from artificial insemination after they impregnated Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal women. Nobody says whether this was done one at a time or en masse, a kind of gang rape. These “Anunnaki,” who took license from a term in Genesis describing “the fallen,” are among the space gods that God-ens welcome from The Book of Enoch.

 Insemination of the Past

The God-en guru O’Brien does like violence to Genesis and to Enoch  with revision of the Kharsag Tablets foisting insemination on the distant past. This allegedly yields such categories ofdraftable material from the Patriarchal Tribes as:

-75% Anunnaki-25% human, outranking Gilgamesh, only 2/3 god, by a  full 7 %, -50%-50 Anunnaki/hominid, even including some (“gentiles”),-0/100 Anunnaki/hominid, not college material though. 100% man at the bottom is as left out as all 1.0 humans will be when Hugo de Garis’ Artilects rule, not even presumed fit to labor as brutes.

O’Brien says, “early scholars had given too little weight to those deification processes to which the later Sumerians, and the Babylonians, were fanatically prone…making gods where none had existed” (Genes, 142). How can anybody give too little weight to their own godhead? Dare to be all you can be, as Robert Heinlein said, “Thou art god.” Who said what?  Which is why we call it science fiction.

Why are the space gods androcentric and why they are interested in breeding? Just doing a good deed honey.

The Anunnaki, who pass as beings of Genesis gigantic in stature, are meant to lend credence to the God-en breeding program, but the mention of Genesis hurts more than it helps since there the Anunnaki were put to death because they were demons opposed by everybody except their own quislings. This tidbit got left out of the Goden scenario just as their citation in the Book of Enoch of the lineage of Noah’s white skin forgets to mention the discredit of the nephillim by “Enoch,” their being put to death (Genes, 152). [O’Brien’s] God-en “genetic experiments” were the cause of the flood that wiped out these “researchers,” or intended to. Neither substantiates a reason to rape a woman, new gods or old, whether Shining or alien.

The Babylonians made gods right. “Centered on the supremacy of Marduk and the creation of humankind for the service of the gods,” the Babylonians were consumed by their gods daily. Don’t take that literally, only their children were eaten by Moloch, that is when not being used for experiment. Farrell of  Genes, Giants, speaking for O’Brien, Genius of the Few is not immune from this connection, as though the Anunnaki were Joseph Mengele. As historian J. Bottéro (Mesopotamian Religion) says,  “the gods were not viewed mystically, but were instead seen as high-up masters who had to be obeyed and feared, as opposed to loved and adored.”  The gods were perfect little Egyptian slave holders.

Instead of confirming a Babylonian source of Genesis, the correspondences between Babylonian (Sumerian) notions of creation and the flood of Genesis, repudiate “the divinization of nature and the attendant myths of divine origins, divine conflict, and divine ascent. Even the great Marduk, who was said to be born of the gods, victorious over chaotic forces, and elevated to supremacy among the gods, was no god at all” (Conrad Hyers).

Abraham overthrew them with that prophetic line of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel, but the O’God-ens want to prove Israel the offspring of the Anunnakiand not of Abraham, which sounds a little racist and exceptionalist, being as it is likewise anti-human.

God-men want the Anunnaki to hold legal title to humanity under patent law. This would be their corporate title deed, though arguably you might hold a common law title to yourself, although in the United States you do not hold common law title to your genes. This would be referred to the Cosmic Court if you’re lucky, and your genes identitied in common law override their proprietary interest. then you may call your life your own. Farrell calls these “disturbing questions” (Genes, 157) which are laughable, not only because he hasn’t read The_Rebel and understood the impossibility of human submission to the gods, but because the one who owns humanity lock, stock and barrel gave complete freedom in perpetuity, with release from bondages just such as those the Anunnaki would seek to impose.

Christian and Barbara O’Brien, The Genius of the Few: The Story of Those Who Founded the Garden in Eden (1999) and Joseph P. Farrell in Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men (2011) represent this Godzilla from another planet. To them “it is clear that mankind is an engineered being, created for the explicit purpose of servitude by a genetically related species, which may accordingly have a ‘legal’ claim upon humanity” (Genes, 187). Similar thinking was applied to black slaves in the American south. Don’t think the gods can’t package their product. One thing they got right was the high school jive of halls opposed to all the eunuch intellect — everybody must get swived.

 Why are the space gods androcentric? Why they are interested in breeding? How does Godzilla land? What would you do when the tow truck stops at your door: who wants the Anunnaki to come down from Phobos moon of Mars, Saturn’s Iapetus, or wherever, but they’re really coming up from the floor,  from the basement of GenTech. Hoover is not looking for Jesus though. He will grant an outside chance the Anunnaki hold ownership of  Celera Corp, so look too for Celera.

See David M. Jacobs. The Threat. 1998. For the hybrid breeding program.


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