New Goden Age

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New Goden Age

Scholars, researchers and alarmists posed the arrival of  these gods to found a new goden age. Their research said that overpopulation, degradation of resources, threats of revolution would bring an end that their goden age would save. But whether Hades or heaven, the goden that pretended health, three harvests and long life with ease, was always a state of death, so the opposite of what they said was  true. The Goden Age would be the greatest age of tyranny ever known.

Fantasy and reality! Americans had been living in the golden age all their lives and didn’t know it, thought it myth. Then it became fact, like bad wine. Things turned opposite. Golden turned goden. The peasant farmer, allegedly hungry and benighted, ignorant of higher math, who had music and art, and even more, community, like the Chinese peasant, had no difficulty until business science in about a hundred years made communities over into new tribal forms of society, but not like the old that lived on earth under sky. These lived in a biosphere.

Compare the number of days and nights these peasants spent in air, under sun and star against the modern like a putative escapee of Mars. When living failed, this Caucasoid built a planetoid and settled it off Saturn. No ocean there, no air. These boys didn’t tan. Compare to that the dream of the Santa Monica pier. Worse than any prison, shut off from life, the analogy held for people secluded in rooms captivated by flickering screens who lost their health contemplating images that reflect only  themselves. There was no weather or grandparents.

The goden age appealed to justice, good will, fairness and peace as a fraud, which virtues had only just disappeared, killed by scientist demagogues. Brainwashed, behind appeals for justice, new god prophets said they would fix it with facts of their own, overwhelm people overwhelmed already by artificial food engineered to make them hungry and then sick. There’s three harvests.  The goden age made them better with dissatisfaction, health and life suckered in. There’s fair weather in obesity. Selected facts twisted the false into the true. There’s immortality.

Were we members of herds like cows or sheep, always  subject, told we’re individuals when we’re not, these demagogues would have their news men question aggressively any voice that challenged this view. See, it breaks control.

Superman, Hatman aborning Pop Mind, were implied transgenics before 2012, Singularity 2045, 2025, counting down, H+ viewed the past superseded in itself. A therefore A, first law of Descartes, I think, therefore I am, assumes the I, pre-enunciates its being, before I think. So if I think I remember that I think, thus Singularity =  novus ordo, exists. What kind of consciousness creates over centuries gene alteration before it is dreamt? The woods come to Dunsinane!

The transgenic would interpret myths of giants, monsters, aerial phenomena as precursors of his own. Chimeras, Polyphemus, Neptune, angels…there is room if it mattered, but it doesn’t since it is shortly o’er-flown.

Were there really dinosaurs revived with tatters of DNA, engineered, then reengineered? If dinosaurs will Yeats be raised, for transmortals seek selective resurrection of important persons, Max Planck?  Tom Gilbert begs that the agenda of the Transhuman is not about his grandmother. “An expert in ancient DNA at Copenhagen University, who with Schuster and Webb pioneered the harvesting of mammoth DNA from hair, [he] admits that as a student of mammoths, he’d be the first to go see one trundle across a paddock…”if you can do a mammoth, you can do anything else that’s dead, including your grandmother. But in a world in global warming and with limited resources for research, do you really want to bring back your dead grandmother?” National Geographic, May 2009). To him she’s like a mouse.

Brought back by hair or bone is  why the grave of Gilgamesh was dug and why the Smithsonian hides the excavated giants. This sounds totally like the search for Merlin’s grave in That Hideous Strength. It impacts  King Ramses and whoever else  would return with plans, “come back to tell you all, I will tell all,” Grandma.

Boasts in architecture which the uninitiated ignorantly venerate and worship on the National Mall do not understand the absolute import.  Maybe the Greenhouse Effect will make new/oldies feel at home. The Defense Advance Research Projects Agency of the U.S. (DARPA) will construct an enhanced, hybrid, super soldier to beat the Russian. There are as many links to this as you wish. The one cited here is 4 years old. The SEALS might be part fish.

If it sounds like Swift, Gulliver according to his kind, the organic machine will be dead serious when it comes online to the 10 to the 26 trillion trillion brain. By Singular fiat, old mammoths and warriors of the past will be dug in Palestine. But the hybrids will be new. If transhuman assumptions hold and things are as they say, it were impossible to override, as impossible as the taunt that Isaiah gives against Babylon. Oops, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Jonah,  Zechariah and Psalms. Oops again, Matthew and Revelations dismayed “the moral tragedy of not building god,” (Hugo de Garis. BBC Horizon, HumanV2.0–47.12-47:26) .

Hybrid Age Reverse Genesis

It should be obvious why the Transgenic does not sanction God. If you think the Hybrid Age the reverse of Genesis, that destruction does not create, then the bringing back of Ramses, Yeats  and the wooly Mammoth hocks shows how prejudiced you are.

Many  religious are concerned not to take “the mark of the beast,” emphasizing mark, not beast. In the age of the hybrid a retrofitted serum injected in  guise of vaccine combining animal and human DNA to cure some engineered disease, in the words of Verner Vinge in 1993, “within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended.” (Abstract, The Coming Technological Singularity). Two-thirds of those years are gone.

Transmorts put up Ray Kurzweil to speak so they won’t be taken seriously. When PBS last showed him on Charlie Rose he spoke of Singularity as if it were an expression of the information age, that the “democratizing” technologies of cell phones and Facebook would prevent it being used for tyranny because of “the wisdom of crowds.” But singularity is of the HYBRID AGE, like his rhetoric, where human organs are grown in pigs and dinosaurs are reconstituted from 80 million year old DNA stored in their bones. This is considered fantasy to the culture, an unserious effort of government and business to remake dinosaurs and pair all kinds of human and animal genes for human enhancement as well as parading nanobots in Kurzweil’s brain.

Bio: This primer, emerged from work at the Human Botany Review and other sites where these links and others are live.

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