Woman Against the Gods

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Out of this complex of ideas of Babylon and Genesis the misuse of woman occurs. The Sons of Jared take as their mission to defend the woman against these forces whether called Annukki, Watchers, fallen angels of gods, for the Greek theogony of Hesiod equally defames woman along with the gods of Olympus.

This animus subscribed by the Greeks: “Since man had access to fire, Zeus devised woman as a general punishment, in trade. Hephaistos and Athena built woman with exquisite detail, and she was considered beautiful by all men and gods. (It is generally agreed in academic translations that this woman was Pandora.) Hesiod writes that, despite her beauty, woman is a bane for mankind, attributing women with laziness and a waste of resources. Hesiod notes that Zeus’ curse, womankind, can only bring man suffering, whether by taking a woman as his wife, or by trying to avoid marriage” Hesiod, Theogony, Wikapedia

Similar animus against woman appears in the Book of Enoch (interpreted) and in the Book of Noah and Genesis Apocryphon

Sons of Jared, putative org to battle Watchers, descendants of the Watchers, who, they allege, as notorious Pharaohs, Kings and Dictators, have throughout history dominated mankind. 

S. H. Hooke, for instance, in his book Middle Eastern Mythology, accepts that:

Behind the brief and probably intentionally obscure reference in (Genesis) 6:I-4 there lies a more widely known myth of a race of semi-divine beings who rebelled against the gods and were cast down into the underworld … The fragment of the myth here preserved by the Yahwist was originally an aetiological myth explaining the belief in the existence of a vanished race of giants …

Seed of the Woman

Zeus wanted girls, which we learn in the Earth Meeting at Homer’s where heaven and earth mix. Of these events long before Zeus wanted girls. Niobe, Leda, Danae, Europa, plenty more… Io. Hera was jealous. Gods wanted Persephone…Apollo wanted Acacallis, Posidon…Dis…etc. Are these gods a human invention, or superimposed? The maze leaders called them beings from another civilization, from Niburu.

Girls stood for life in its fullest for the man. The girl was everything, the joy of love, nothing better, nothing greater. Get the girl and you got the gold. The girl was life, and after, a heritage with children and a piece of grass. People were immersed in earth, air, water and fire. But the girl, the mother, the child was subject to conquest by men, politics, war, religion. Before people were affected with individualism they lived and died under the mercy that their name, family, tribe, people, went on when they passed.

Then the gods worked out their jealousies and foibles on the surface, but with intrusions from below.

Death was nothing except life unresisted.  Immortality was a sham. While you lived you lived.  The promise of immortality produced an inability to enjoy the life that was. Free to live, work, suffer without the heroic measures  science forced like white pear blossoms in winter. New livers, new kidneys, new hearts, new fingers and toes were their death not as individuals, but as a race. Stalking horse of the immortal!  It was better to die than receive such controls. They were so busy trying to stay alive they couldn’t live. Science substituted neurosis for long life for life, without corrective choice. Get the windows update, reprogram genes, a new heart, remain iatrogenic in tubes, beakers, DNA samples, cryonic tanks. Die while you live. Live when you die. Ted Williams was frozen in a bucket to maybe raise him up with science in that day and contradict all that life held good, life on the ground with the girl, a wife, and children under sky in fields.

They eventually brought back Ted Williams and he killed himself, asked to be reburied like Elphenor did of Odysseus, the wise Greek. Odysseus buried Elphenor to honor daily life, but he was not half divine like Achilles so Odysseus rejected immortality. He was also faithful. But here’s the point, what Odysseus did to the suitors is what men finally did to Zeus and the Anunnaki for ten thousand thousand crimes against humanity and woman. As Odysseus protected Penelope, impaled suitor wolves on a bier, men did to the gods who hunted women. Greek, Babylonian, the crimes of Zeus…god crimes against humanity were that huge.


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