Past and Future

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

I don’t know who said it but it went like this. The whole purpose and intent to destroy the past, past being taken as thousands of years and decades also, signifying those values of tradition that would impede the spread of the something to take its place. Cultural purveyors covered all segments of comedy, literature and entertainment, but the only  believers were the followers of Megadeth and its Endgame. All had the one  goal to destroy the past, its icons, its attitudes, its values, made easier when it could focus on injustice, inequality, racism as smoke screens, but the real concern was to destroy liberty, faith, family. This conversation was overheard on the subway with much detail provoked from the Book of Mormon musical, from South Park and Monty Python, who have believers everywhere, but it has many more  in the way of precursors, the documentary hypothesis, stream of consciousness, industrialization, all  seem  inevitable and good, but really, take them away and you still have society, less healthful, but happier.

Now this guy on the subway said he wanted to destroy the future as these destroyed the past, which sounds like a horror, but the future was not the open ended hopeful place of dreams. it was a nightmare of repression, slavery, imprisonment and death. Who could believe it possible when we feel science will save us from our worst mistakes, but in this view science was the worst mistake, not in itself but because forces greater than science control it and its results.


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