Posted: June 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of the presence  oh Yah, we rejoice in your name all day long, we exult in your righteousness, for by your favor you have exalted our horn.  Now that the gods have returned full force to rule the airways as they once did the temples from Akkadia to Rome the lines once drawn are again. Either you can have good luck  with the Baals, gods of fortune, celebrants of the wheel,  or you acclaim the One forever. Give thanks to Yahweh for he is good it says, but good is the last thing Baalim wants.

I will betroth her unto me in righteousness and faithfulness and I will sow her unto Me in the earth. Hos 2.19-23.

If it is called rampant anti feminism for the prophets to blame the feminine throughout, casting the feminine as the spiritual transgression of nations, which is given much awareness in the eco-feminists, and rightly so, for as one pointed out, “where is the man?” In light of the ancient extra-biblical sources of this preoccupation with woman, the feminine gathers momentum, not as a patrilineal controversy, but because it is the substance of angels to corrupt and impregnate the woman, from the notion that Satan did so with Eve, the bad seed, the serpent seed, hence Cain, nothing more repugnant, to the sons of God going in to the daughters of men. There is much consequent breeding in the work of Farrell, the Annunaki, the O’Brien golden age shines, the Raelians who take the feminine  as the spiritual and the physical too, and see the man as their adversary, since they want to take the woman for their own purposes, that is to make a new race, but it will not be the golden age they think. How do we know? Read on.


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