Higgs Bosun

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I had a dream about Higgs Bosun, right before they said they found it, about how it must feel to want to be god, Hugh and Tom even Bearden, and Ray all of them in their labs and in their underwear wanting to find the particles at this half running of the LHC, even if it smacks of desperation, not laconic their search for god, what god is it, the one they cannot find and when they do they know deep down it will be themselves, so they will never be atheists again, were never atheists at all, just narcissists and they do this even against they own deep wishes, like Hugh at night dreams of a time when it will all , all his work destroy all the has worked for, the work destroys the work, and be glad.

There was a man, I call him that but it is just a title, he did not feel strong. He was being made to do something he abhorred. This is the dream. He had a nuclear device in a Tupperware plastic container about a quart six pack and even though I hated it, had already armed it to explode. Sloshes threatened to come out the top. He had made a reservation on Pan Am, to fly it to Costa Rica, although places in Ohio might do, but was worried sick about the effects. Why had he armed it? Where did it come from? These were aprioris in the dream. They were already there when I arrived. It reminds us of those Manchurians amongst the reels who do that which they would not, that which I would not that they do, said someone, torn between the be and  end of be. That’s it. In awaking I remain upset, except I know it is how the god particle boys feel. They have sought it, the Standard Model may be wrong but so what, they have access to knowledge that will destroy the world. So they armed it. They made it. They covered it with glue and put in in the oven. There  their compulsion lies baking.

To interpret we don’t think they are pursuing particle physics in this. The paradigm of the Standard Model is incomplete if not false, flat space time but not curved. So while they pursue the half speed LHC dream of Higgs, their thinking is skewed, as if it were being done to them and they deny the existence of the longitudinal wave.

Item: after removing all the gases there is radiation in the vacuum  that persists even if the temperature could be lowered to absolute zero. Therefore, it was simply called the “zero point” radiation.” here

This is time energetics or scalar electromagnetics. So the “emptiness” of empty space is in fact not empty, but a great ocean of energy.

Bearden’s Gravitobiology is on Scribd


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