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See how much these “architectures” mimic natural disasters from shipwrecks to earthquakes on buildings like this building partially collapsed by the ea of September 19, 2017 in Mexico City — Colonia Narvarte Poniente.

Cyclopian masonry is a related element of this sculpture. So is Image result for mt kailash megalithic godsnephilim architecture (Mt Kailash, megaliths) So are the paintings of Chaim Soutine (Les Maisons)Image result for Chaim Soutine.

The water distorted vision where Bilbao is a beached whale, leviathan up from undersea, is neither an analogy nor what we think.  Analogues suggested of it in statements of ill proportion are not grotesque enough to produce dislike  especially. Multi lopsided implied points of arch off center, arrangement of curves and planes and lines on the verge of regularity are suggestively distorted. As in the literary distory of Huysmans’ Against Nature, who cites Jan Luyken, Bresdin’s Comedy of Death, people, plants, buildings are “cultivated in sacrilegious beds, in impious hothouses” (John Howard). Breughel, the Dutch demoniacs, the Scream, Dada, (but not Kafka who is distressed at the distortions which make him love the human not the bestial, even while he is caught by it), are other art processes where specifically human fears and reactions slant to an acceptance of the grotesque made beautiful, like Baudelaire’s dead horse. These skew the normal into acceptance of the paranormal, even seek distortion as superior, so as to make presocratic philosophers like Heraclitus, who says the river is never the same, over and over, into a prophet of distortion, when in fact he is a proponent of law. In the country of distortion the blind are kings. A tidal influence such as at Bilbao reaches 15 km inland from the sea into  Bilbao’s old town. (more…)



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Behave more like a captive mantis society consuming each other in an orgy of consumption. That is Otaku West, consuming the consumed.

Otaku specialist Makoto Fukuda wrote in the Daily Yomiuri, “There is a tradition in Japan’s otaku culture that even such things as trains or computer operating systems can be changed into cute characters in a way that turns inanimate subjects into characters meant to inspire a ‘moe’ response.” Herbivores.

Otaku describes a subculture of young, male geeks who lose themselves in a hermetic world of manga comic books and video games.”

Dedifferentiates would be cellular return to an earlier state. For instance the male is a differentiate out of the female, to Dedif would be to return him home to mom, to the female cellular state.  There’s a lot of Dedif in philosophy of the golden age, golden calf, psychologically in identity quests of childhood, constitutionally, “to return to what the founders intended,”  but none of these practically occurs. We do not go back. Perhaps to compare focus with dilation. Dilation destroys all focus and is the prior state. Youth would be a dedif of age. Restorations are not dedifs, but imitiations of them, the thing looks like it did. Repair is a closer dedif, it works as good as new. Of course the repair or restoration of an antique is generally to lessen its value.

Just to rough out the thing, leave the specs to later, the Rife Machine thinks to cure disease by restoring healthy tissue from the diseased, either by killing its afflicting virus or some other. The notion of interest is that the tissue once was healthy, became diseased, was again healthy, hence in some sense the thissue is being returned to an earlier state of health, hence re generated, thus the disease is regressed in time which seems to be somewhat the notion behind the optical box separated by quartz lenses. To connect this to the Kaznacheyev experiments and the affiliate idea that there is an electromagnetic signature for every disease and for health.

This resembles quantum “entanglement” or spooky action where one particle interacting with another affects a third.

Becker-potentials placed across intractable bone fractures directly generated such effects in red blood cells entering the injury site. . First the cells dedifferentiated back to an earlier form, growing a nucleus and shucking their hemoglobin. Then these new cells differentiated forward to form the type of cells that make cartilage. Then these cells further differentiated forward to form the type of cells that make bone. They were then deposited in the fracture site to heal the fracture. Becker was nominated for a Nobel Prize for this incredible work.

Antoine Priore discovered how to directly amplify that cellular regenerative process in the laboratory.  introduced a longitudinal EM wave structure inside the plasma, adding to its field structures.amplification of the body’s own cellular regeneration mechanism.unparalleled healing of disease occurred, in thousands of laboratory animal experiments rigorously performed at the University of Bordeaux

time decay-blood from a rat successfully healed of a terrible terminal cancer could then be injected into another rat with the same disease, and that rat would also start to get well and get rid of the cancer. This pass it along effect lasted for some weeks. But the experiments clearly showed that the necessary antiengine had been created in the original treated rat, and that it was actually present everywhere in that rat, in its blood and elsewhere, and only gradually dissipated by diffusion reactions as time passes.

why Myron Evans’ work is so important. For the first time, his work will allow the direct modeling (and fitting of the model to experiment) for a large number of scientific areas that are of enormous importance to not only science but to the entire human race. He has already rigorously shown that real EM energy can be extracted from the active vacuum.

Yet there is no OBSERVABLE energy input to the charge. Hence either one must discard the entire conservation of energy law, or one must explain how the virtual state energy of the vacuum is continuously absorbed,every charge in the universe continuously produces negative entropy

Take the Direc as a model of the vacuum sea  and track from there our prophets of bad weather, nano tech and scalar weapons, as if these were scales of the crocodile but they are not. Both Burroughs and Stockhausen prefigure  manga pop. Burroughs was a trust fund baby,  each baby  innocent,  quicky, became more. for shooting his wife in the head got an exemption of state, stargate, not of craft for groups unnamed, just a handy monster. Burroughs skill increased by the number of guns he owned, a gun in every room, near to hand.

He was a “sweet guy” who wouldn’t  hump Colbain, like all murder with a  friendly fire demeanor, the ravenings absorb full transliterations of Baal and Mammon, Saaturn and Baal Peor swallowed whole, Coleridge Beaudelaire Huysmans, Rimbaud and idolized those who entrained them,  more of a chorus, but woe to those who oppose them. Let it be said that these actors in the play,  still a cut above the audience of  death in life in the inward minds.

Stockhausen, you’d think just made odd noises, stray bits of sonar, radio, static and be done, how could that offend? They all have two selves, the public celebrant who receives the accolades, well burnished like an idol by the lips of those who kiss, and the degraded one hidden in the reclused hearts. What if we find Stockhausens’ sounds are the accompaniment to Burroughs words? And that is not to say that they do not speak the truth about themselves or the audience, or defame the woeshipers.

Maybe the best use of these two together is to give in western tones the science of the Manga.


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Tomopop Review: Square Enix Play Arts Kai Shiva bike photo

Tomopop Review

Data base is the real, not the original or its copy. Dolls, games, fanzines are as much of data base as manga, video, film, lit. The comic market is a comic market, faux is real, which is to say this is real. Amateurs exist in the database as much as great writers, identity diffusion is important because it embodies the opposites of tree lineage vs the chaotic whole, problems anime revealed in Japan and the world, in essence a condition of piracy. Writers all “stripped the ancients’ (Vida), which coexistence in the database however begs to compare otaku with the unconscious, not imitation vs. real, where piracy is commonplace, called originality through citation and infinite imitation.

Fragmented fan groups substituted for the grand societal narrative of the tree lineage. The cause? especially the bomb blew it apart, but global culture is a bomb to nations and cultures. All get to be American in essence. What greater bomb than that?

“Anime Realism”

Blown apart, otaku create a shell for themselves from dermal fantasies, rewriting Tolkien, internalizing film, manga, another Evangelion, collecting dolls, comics. Group affiliations replace families. Whether to say these are shut ins, cast outs or the new realists is just a game. Otaku shut in to their fandoms, hobby communities by choice replace the social to various degrees with fictional identities. Countless social standards replace the universal or grand narratives; (blank) rights. So otaku defines “neurotic construction of shells of themselves out of materials from junk subcultures.” This replace the grand narrative: gangs, games, groups. Faux characters replace the real. News broadcasts are animed, flatted. Commercials are animed, eyelit styled animations. It is not far to  politics as anime, as passionate about their reality as the Obamaites,  the Akirans. Artificial reality, the faux, the moe! coin the term “anime manga-like realism.” Lit, entertainment are sold in the market as video games, dolls, illustrations.

Bikkuriman Sticker Parody

In this environment database is the real, not the story or the characters. The imitations, the simulacra, the outer layers with the inner are all simultaneous chaos and inundation in the database. Mutually supportive, so that if an imitation is true it is true to the database and not nature or reality, as used to be. This together makes a model of the unconsciousness,  simultaneous narratives of everything imitating themselves, sharing disparate parts. Unless you say the unconscious belongs to you either you have borrowed from it, without attribution, yes, mr. joyce, or you have stolen. What a harsh word that has such people in it.  A word, an art, an act not valued as real or true to nature, but to the database. So the gurus cited arbitrarily around Bearden’s Zarg, Kenyon helping us raise our vibe by meditation, Pensinger shooting out the pyramid top in a blaze, these would-be gods are part of the displaced grand narrative, displaced because  “moe-elements have become the gods” (66, Hiroki Azuma in Fandom Unbound). All the elements of documentation, subordination, logic, custom sacrificed to this database. Piracy, not the bad guy, rules. There are no courts or law. Anime living for anime gamers.

Cat Girl, Bunny Girl, Foxgirl, Dog Girl anime is not innocent. Diacon IV Bunny Girl is second in search to the  Playboy Bunny. The Catgirl Research Foundation has a disclaimer at the bottom of the home page: “While some girls may enjoy acting like cats, there are no girls who actually have long furry tails or large cat ears as parts of their body. Though this is unlikely to change in the near future….” The hybrid realities of the Singularists, full blown three decades, used to be called pathetic fallacy to attribute human qualities to nature, now subject to gene splicing, but before that  moe anthropology, which you might take from Kafka, except anime must be cute and vacant 2 D, effects which lend themselves to a combination of bestiality and pedophilia, with big boosts from Microsoft and Windows Me, girls are hybridized to guns, ships and tanks ( Mecha Musume) not unlike Donne’s “oh my America, my newfoundland.”  Helen’s face, a dock, anthropomorphism knows no bounds once launched, “the universe strait-laced / when I can clasp it in the waist.” Erotic appliances, laws, politics, angels, loving their washing machines, cell phones. The cuteness, the cuteness, says Conrad,  the causes of which are below.

How can the next step be gamedeath.

It was not a bombing back to stone, but to the second dimension. Were the costs of shock and awe known they might still be done, but consider  the white out, the orange sun, the total dark and the rain of body parts and that that is different from the holocaust mainly from shock and awe, for the Nazis delivered their murder hands on, more or less medieval for the time, but Hiroshima was done from above. As such it suggests a deus ex machina metaphor act of heaven, but demonic which spawned Godzilla and all the monster pop and giants that frightened children in their beds at night.

It was an attack from heaven, and really, on heaven, and it was an attack on childhood, as Murakami shows, and on old age; neither could exist. Compare it with the PTSD and shock of IUDs among the American Afgan soldiers when they run over explosives, the disorienting shock of brain against bone, sound and lined light, and then think of it coming suddenly in complete immersion, shock waves more than felt, producing no more inane patter that followed it in America but justifying more bombing, of the homeland this time, greater by far than of Japan, American Ground Zero The Secret Nuclear War. Atrocities make more and still more.

Superflat means being flatted out  of existence in three dimensions. Superflatted peoples are the most dangerous to themselves and all, not that they are worse, but because action / reaction, as in the shamed German nation of WWI, produces worse. From Godzilla the superflat, to aliens to and from the grotesque, to normal hiding of the grotesque in supermarket packages of GMO began preparation for the super modern superman who never dies. Does it strike you that the top 10 evil experiments were all conducted in the 20th century? Why did Japan ally with the Germans? Sure you can hear the gas, and the Chinese museums of Japan’s atrocities.

War apologists said Japan was a criminal enterprise, just like Biden said of Afghanistan. Nations have to increase the helium to sustain the bubble that they can regard others as criminal, make their heroes terrorists. Each night trucks spray down our alleys now, spraying to decease the Schumann Resonance to put people back to sleep. You wonder why this is necessary if the helium really works, or to add another propo-gram from fail safe. Misinformation has the weather change to crank up fracking, but everyone knows deep down that the weather is cracking. Yakusa, says Bearden, is coming down in hurricanes and tornadoes, in retribution. Yakusa and the old KGB are drying up the leaves, driving the blue stem scalar jet stream. All black science is propaganda of the CIA. It is some sight with Dr. Strangelove riding the storm like Roman chariot horses with fog breath and HAARP cloud. Electrosmog over the transmitters, disinforms hi and lo pressures that Yakusa caused the New Orleans flood. The war games think it was Japan but it was Washington that lost the ball on downs from the American earthquake disaster at Yakushima. So score this loss of  nuke plants in the second half that blows up Yellowstone.

I don’t know what the bill is for all the gas, the helium to pump up Apocalypse the same as the bill for all the gas to pump up the elite superior dream. They will join with the machine. So while they spray each night to complete the negative optical transfer to the rest of the world, and  Japan contemplates its demise and gets out its mask, when the American wakes to realize the Hiroshima bomb was named Little Boy, and all Japan has  been little boyed so its pop art reflects revenge on the airplane that dropped its humikiation, one can ask, what would you have done in Japan if you were a nation of warriors? So while Little Boy superflat plots revenge, Goodboys admire their work more quick and comport Shinto animist technology as an extension of nature. Superflat means the eyes are expressionless as the face is unwrinkled, unaged, childed, simplified, flattened out of dimensionality. Perfect psychopath. Pluperfect. This flat affect, failure to make eye contact is a form of cultural autism.

“Hideako Anno, spent several years of his life essentially isolated in his room reading comic books and playing video games in a particularly Japanese affliction known as “otaku.” Otakus are defined by William Gibson as, “the passionate obsessive, the information age’s embodiment of the connoisseur, more concerned with the accumulation of data than of objects. . . Understanding otaku -hood, I think, is one of the keys to understanding the culture of the web. There is something profoundly post-national about it, extra-geographic. We are all curators, in the post-modern world, whether we want to be or not.” Quang Truong here

“The theory that Japan’s defeat stripped the country of its independence and led to the creation of a nation of permanent child weaklings forced to live under the protection of the American Big Daddy is widely shared by artists and intellectuals in Japan. It is also a staple of popular cartoons which feature a well-meaning government that turns out to be a facade concealing sinister and more powerful forces.

Anno pauses for a moment, and gives a dark-browed stare out the window. “I don’t see any adults here in Japan,” he says, with a shrug. “The fact that you see salarymen reading manga and pornography on the trains and being unafraid, unashamed or anything, is something you wouldn’t have seen 30 years ago, with people who grew up under a different system of government. They would have been far too embarrassed to open a book of cartoons or dirty pictures on a train. But that’s what we have now in Japan. We are a country of children.” Atlantic Monthly Interview Anno here

The comment on the above is a denial that: “I’m surprised the man who recently directed the remake of Cutie Honey, and is now busy remaking Evangelion, would go so far as to call any adult who reads manga childish.”

The gas is that strong.

Good news here is an excellent PDF of this Essay on WWII infantilizing Japanese culture such as anime and otaku. Takashi Murakami is a good hands writer. Exploding subculture is a pun. Little Boy is the name of the Hiroshima bomb. Anime is a production of Little Boy. Superflat is societal autism. The USG Manhattan Project boys, proud physicists all, naming their bombs, or the people they were dropped on, driven into infancy and beyond, emasculated, juvenilized produced Game Boy,  Pokémon, Pocket Monsters and all subsedquent vid games that did to their own what they had done to them, called RPGs, role playing games, not rocket propelled grenades: six hundred Japanese children got epileptic seizures watching Pokémon “Dennō Senshi Porygon“, (Electric Soldier Porygon) in season 1. There were bright explosions with rapidly alternating blue and red color patterns. This is the superflat here , here Hutsume Miku, Vocaloid, (thx Gwern Branwen).

Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Why should the city of Tokyo want to kill the angel? Why are they called Killer Angels?  People of Sodom Attack Angels might be an example, except the manga mecha apocalypse, looks forward. What if it were a case like Sodom where the evangelion is a monster in support of a civilization that once destroyed but revives, a Babylon returned in all supernatural hoopla? This nicely ties in  Palantir Iraq, the Ark of Gabriel, Afghanistan Red Giants. Fair enough, there is little in the story that derives from the Japanese. It is all mid eastern and at the same time new age, a version of pop culture’s idea that the United Nations is the beast to be ridden by the Whore, so, the Evangelions are monster machines concocted to fight the angels of judgment under the aegis of the UN. The scene turns the biblical on its head and side, twists it as an analogue and symbol of antichrist.

The attack of Angels,  at Nerve HQ is a biomechanical weapon named Evangelion, a monster piloted by 14 year old Shinji who is the keystone for the resurrection of the world (Neon Genesis Evangelelion I, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Gainax) tr, /Fred Burke 1998). There are three versions, the anime, the manga and the film. “As in the original anime series, the first four volumes of the manga deal with the Angel invasions, but from a much different angle. Moreover, several more mundane sub-plot tropes common to Japanese manga occur at the same time at the invasions,” such as: here

Since Mark 1.1 refers to announcing the birth of the Messiah simultaneously to Eve in Genesis and to Mary, the extension of this symbolism suggests Shinji to be some kind of messiah to save his civilization, but from what? From the past,

Evangelions are created to reverse the Evangel.

As the reference to Eve in Eva is doubled and redoubled by the  Genesis  preceding Evangelion, the ancient history of Babylon, Akadia, Sumer and Israel is further summoned by the fact that the Eva itself is a giant, a huge synthetic minded  robot suggesting  reference to the sons of god, and the giants of Genesis six incorporating that huge literature of the Book of Enoch, the watchers, the Annukki  going in to the daughters of men to overthrow human civilization by corrupting, mutating the human seed, meaning genome. Again, as in the evangelion of Yahshua, the story is turned on its head and the giants become the savior, Eve (Eva) is saved through child bearing  the machine of the new age, and salvation is wrought by the hand of man against Satan as the father of Cain. It is genesis and eve, genesis and giants, but upside down from the text where the robot is a giant and a defense against the attacking angels, instead of the angels being a defense against the giants. Undoubted cabbalistic in these readings, the tree of life appears twice already in the opening of the film of I.

Genesis Evangelion transliterates  directly from the Greek of Mark 1.1.  “The beginning [genesis] of the euangelion εὐαγγέλιον about Jesus Christ, the Son of God” thus implicates the author of the anime,  Hideaki Anno,  in a serious theological controversy,  but it is left to us how far it should be taken. Although the anime was conceived first, the  “manga series by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and published by Kadokawa Shoten began in the February issue of Shōnen Ace in December 1994.[1] It consists of 13 volumes, each composed of several “stages” or chapters. Twelve of these volumes have been released before the TV series.

The Eva of this evangel already multiplies puns on both both Eve and angel, Eva being the first letters of evangelion and the acronym of the machine invented by NERV to kill the angel.


In the interview Sadamoto does not want to admit any of this, it being too mimetic and obscures it saying: One of the names proposed by Anno was “Alcion (Arushion)”.  But a robot story title that doesn’t have a voiced consonant sound in it just isn’t catching.  So I pushed “Evangelion”, which had been rejected once, as sounding stronger.  We had talked a lot in the beginning about wanting a title like “Space Runaway Ideon (Legendary Giant God Ideon)”, so I think I did push that.  And to tell the truth, the story composition is also similar.  For example, Nerv can be considered the same as the Solo Ship fighting a lonely battle against both humankind and the Buff Clan, and then there are the incomprehensible robots that can only communicate with children and tend to go berserk, etc.  It might not be an exaggeration to say that if you add “Ideon” and “Devilman” together and divide by two, you get “Evangelion”. (laugh)

The manga based on the series, written and illustrated by series character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, has been serialized in Shonen Ace since 1995. The serialized and volumized editions are both published by Kadokawa Shoten. The manga exists as a separate entity from the anime, and features a number of distinct differences (examples: Shinji\’s eyes are brown instead of blue; Shinji and Rei\’s relationship is strengthened more; not all of the Angels that were in the anime appear in the manga). Drawing from the original story outline, the completed anime series, as well as his own artistic freedom, Sadamoto has portrayed an account of the story that has both distinct convergence and divergence with the anime version. The series is still in production, and Sadamoto has stated that he is planning to end the series in the 12th or 13th volume.

Why do angels attack Tokyo 3

Why do angels attack Tokyo 3…

Parts II & III in transit

But before that, while Eva is still hot, and before Adam is dredged up, talk about “divin(d)ing by two (laugh)” or the suction cups of ubermensch, ha, ha, Eyeshot, hybrid beastiary and uber alter bot http://encouragementsforsuch.blogspot…, please drink up the lit of the new age coming fast, lest you think there is no Adam, as in Stockhausen’s Licht there isn’t, but with more apocrypha. Of course the one they should fear is the Second:

“In the year 2000, an expedition team led by Dr. Katsuragi, Misato’s father, discovered their God of Gods, Adam. When they attempted to capture Adam by regressing him back to his embryo form, he fought back and enacted the 2nd Impact, which melted the ice cap, whipped out half of earth’s population, and flooded the shorelines of the continents. Misato was the only member of the team to survive, and was saved by her father with the last of his strength, who put her in an escape pod before Adam melted the cap. Adam’s embryo was found in the red waters years later by SEELE, and delivered to NERV by Kaji Ryoji.”…

Jus’ sayin’… in all frankness these boys did not fear to mess with Eve. They did not fear to mess with earth, with her marriage, with her children, and that this hugely stands behind the Evangelion. Absolutely huge, but to give some space, not necessarily chronologically, but tied to what is most familiar,

Eve, Girl, Woman, Man, Adam, Child

The Greek gods, Zeus wanted girls,… but not really for themselves but for what they meant, which we learn in the Earth Meeting at Homer’s where heaven and earth mix. Of these events long before Zeus wanted girls. Niobe, Leda, Danae, Europa, plenty more… Io. Hera was jealous. Gods wanted Persephone…Apollo wanted Acacallis, Posidon…Dis…etc. Are these gods a human invention, or superimposed? The maze leaders called them beings from another civilization, from Niburu, but they are not. Trust me.

Girls stood for life in its fullest for the man. The girl was everything, the joy of love, nothing better, nothing greater. Get the girl and you got the gold. The girl was life, and after, a heritage with children and a piece of grass. People were immersed in earth, air, water and fire. But the girl, the mother, the child was subject to conquest by men, politics, war, religion. Before people were affected with individualism they lived and died under the mercy that their name, family, tribe, people, went on when they passed. Then the gods worked out their jealousies and foibles on the surface, but with intrusions from below.

The Greek gods did pretty well transported through space and time from Babylon, whether they appeared in Japan or New York or were said to be arriving from space, just as likely as Niburu and hybrid revived myth, some Godzilla From Another Planet, the same question always occurred, WHY ARE THE GODS ANDROCENTRIC? Why they are interested in breeding? How does Godzilla land? What you do when that tow truck stops for your girl, “if mankind’s original owner-creators were suddenly to return?”
(Genes, 157). Review right here, Farrell wants the Anunnaki to come down from the Phobos moon of Mars or Saturn’s Iapetus, but he’s not looking for Jesus, although he thinks there’s a chance the Anunnaki might sell their rights to Celera Corp, so look too maybe for Celera.

“Is there a code within the genetic code” to suggest who we are (158) ? He wants to know.“Is there a hint of artificiality of modern man?”This dementia was also suffered by Hugo de Garis in his Artilect machine, the shoe was however on the wrong foot(Severed Head, #75, 99).

Intellectuals need to get out more, maybe get a woman, have children, read Chuang Tzu instead of Kharsag, get hands dirty in the earth to know if anything is artificial about a man and woman.Two views of this human exist. One is that human oppressed by the planets and gods idolized in Babylonian ritual and myth which victimize their victims with yet another sometime visitation.In another view, but the planetary astrology of Sumer, Assyria and Babylon is hardly mentioned atall, human origin is based on a law of the heavens that teaches liberty, where sun and moon are relegislators of that law and the man is given dominion over the work of God’s hands. As the fingers are part of hand and that Hand made the heaven, so dominion over the fowl of the air and the fish of the sea extends to Leviathan under foot too, though SETI is more interested in finding it above. The man of this second view seems to have imploded somewhat from his origin.

A Landing Place

Joseph P. Farrell / O’Brien proposes his own morality for the Greek, Babylon, Japanese, UN space gods landing. In place of blood give
100 semen and for murder take ovum. I know that’s not clear. How could it ever be? But the gods still don’t seek pleasure with a woman. Ask yourself why ET’s think of nothing to do after traveling space and time but to act like men, like the Greek gods.The obvious androcentric bias of the space (Orion,what you like?) god program makes us ask why Zeus or whoever would want, not being mortal, to be mortal? And why won’t any woman do, since they are all women, for it would seem that millions are to be had with no fuss or mess,so why are they taking women to be caught in the act? We also just want to know why they do it in a YouTube.

Golden Age Religion

The O’Brien/Farrell Trilogy(because there are two O’Briens) refers to an idea of entertainment that presumes the woman is a brood for space gods, “the shining ones.” The man is as irrelevant as in the Evangelion, a mere byproduct of these Shiners, in order they that might breed and rebreed a whole race of mutants, hybrids or mulattoes, to borrow a term from their racism. Not so inapt since they describe
101 Noah as shining “white as snow” with long hair “white as wool”
(Genes, 153). Even more than a Caucasian the image suggests a copy of the Lord of Revelations, who unlike Nebuchadnezzar’s statue is alive. Constant borrowing mimics His appearing.

The catch for the O’Briens is they want to breed with the Kharsag text of Akkadia their own translation,rebreed it the way they say the Shining did the human race until the words rimku and tittu
are made over into sperm and ovum, sperm applied from above and egg from the woman below. Presto, there is a myth of artificial insemination of ANUNNAKI AND THE ENGINEERED MAN, as above, so below. Which stilldoes not tell us why the space gods are androcentric,or why they are even interested in breeding. Just in case you implicitly believe the line that:“In genetic terms, this mixture was to be half Lordling and half Human; and since the former are stated to have provided the male elements, the female elements must have been taken from the human women” the Cro-Magnon tribes (Genes,150).

In a kind of bad news reincarnation story, the short of this argument is that multiple contacts with some intelligence from somewhere will irresistibly reveal,along with immense scientific breakthroughs and many cover ups of public consumption science and 102 politics, that these beings will reappear to possess their planet and the humans on it because… they been here before.Such title according to O’Brien comes from their genetic tampering by means of artificial insemination. “The Shining Ones,” (I almost wrote“Sinning”) impregnated both the Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal. Nobody says whether this was done one at a time or en masse, a kind of gang rape. Farrell infers these “Anunnaki,” taking license from a term in Genesis
describing “the fallen,” [TERMINAL GENESIS] as otherwise space gods from The Book of Enoch. Insemination of the Past The O’Briens do a like violence to Genesis and Enoch as with their revision of the Kharsag Tablets,foisting insemination on the distant past. This allegedly yielded four categories of “Patriarchal Tribes. Some were 75% Anunnaki-25%, outranking Gilgamesh, only 2/3 god, by a full 7 %. 50-50Anunnaki/hominid, even including some (“gentiles”)or 0/100 Anunnaki/hominid, not college material.100% man at the bottom is as left out as all 1.0humans will be when Hugo de Garis’ Artilects reign, presumed at least to be fit brutes.

As O’Brien says,“early scholars had given too little weight to those deification processes to which the later Sumerians,and the Babylonians, were fanatically prone…making gods where none had existed” (Genes, 142). How can anybody give too little weight to their own godhead! Dare to be all you can be. Robert Heinlein said, “Thou art god. ”Who said that? Which is why we call this science fiction.Why are the space gods androcentric, why they are interested in breeding? Just doing a good deed honey.These Anunnaki, which pass as beings of Genesis, gigantic in stature, are meant to lend credence to the O’Brien/Farrell breeding program, but the mention of Genesis hurts more than it helps for there those Anunnaki were put to death because they were demons! They were opposed by everybody except their own quislings from Noah to Moses and beyond.This tidbit got left out of the scenario just as their citation in the Book of Enoch, of the lineage of Noah’s white skin forgets to mention the discredit of the nephillim by “Enoch” they being put to death(
Genes, 152). O’Brien’s “genetic experiments” were the cause of the flood that wiped out these“researchers”, or intended to. Neither substantiates a reason to rape a woman, new gods or old, whether shining one or alien. 104

The Babylonians made gods all right. “Centered on the supremacy of Marduk and the creation of humankind for the service of the gods,” the Babylonians were consumed by their gods daily,don’t take that literally, only their children were eaten by Moloch, that is when not being used for experiment. Farrell is not immune from this connection, as though the Anunnuki were Joseph Mengele. Historian J. Bottéro (Mesopotamian Religion) says however, “the gods were not viewed mystically, but were instead seen as high-up masters who had to be obeyed and feared, as opposed to loved and adored.”

The gods were perfect little Egyptian slave holders.It is important to note that correspondences between Babylonian (Sumerian) notions of creation and the flood of Genesis, repudiate “the divinization of nature and the attendant myths of divine origins,divine conflict, and divine ascent. Even the great Marduk, who was said to be born of the gods,victorious over chaotic forces, and elevated to supremacy among the gods, was no god at all”(Conrad Hyers). Abraham overthrew them with a prophetic line including Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel,but
O’Brien wants to prove Israel the offspring of the 105 Anunnaki
and not of Abraham, which sounds a little racist and exceptionalist, being as it is likewise anti-human.Farrell argues the Anunnaki hold legal title to humanity under patent law. This would be their corporate title, though arguably you hold a common law title to yourself. If you’re lucky your genes and identity in common law may override their proprietary interest. Farrell calls these “disturbing questions” (157) but they are laughable, not only because he hasn’t read The_Rebel and understood the impossibility of human submission to the gods, but also because the one who owns us lock, stock and barrel gave complete freedom in perpetuity, with release from bondages such as like the Anunnaki.

Christian and Barbara O’Brien, The Genius of the Few: The Story of Those Who Founded the Garden in Eden (1999) and Joseph P. Farrell in Genes,Giants, Monsters and Men(2011), (which as said was lost one swatting a giant roach and hasn’t been seen since) represent this Godzilla from another planet. To them “it is clear that mankind is an engineered being, created for the explicit purpose of servitude by a genetically related species, which may accordingly have a ‘legal’ claim upon humanity” (Genes, 187). Similar thinking was applied to black slaves in the American south. Don’t think the gods can’t package their product. One thing 106 they got right was the high school truth of halls opposed to all the eunuch intellect jive– everybody must get swived.

[All this to say what needed to be said not just of the background of the Evangelion, but of the background of the background of it. Space now dwindling in this entry, presume more to be said at the next volume.]