Fourth of July

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

I came honestly upon the notion that the American so called is the English, that is, the British, and that the overriding American attitudes, such Victorian notions as work as salvation, the self against the other, the colony and the conqueror’s right to exploit are all English attitudes. This got exposition in the Way Into the Flowering Heart and is read today by whomever. Four of them are here:

New England vs. Pennsylvania

Image of Paradise of the Pennsylvania Germans, Antidote to the Fall

Art and the Americanization of the Pennsylvania Dutch

India and the Pennsylvania Dutch

I got that after meditating the experience of my family over many generations in PA, experiences only shared in asides and parenthesis that they were not considered fully American or maybe even human compared to the English simply because they were not English. These conclusions were not the result of animus, for I love the English, or did, or something, but notwithstanding the American respect for the people, democracy, it is a most controlled people from the beginning of making the Germans speak English. It is an America that thought little about experimenting upon its people, the best case being the dozens and dozens of nuclear tests conducted in America, much much greater than the fallout of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They bombed their own people first. That (black) convicts were leased into the community from which they had been freed in the south, convicts on most flimsy bases, that genocide was perpetuated upon eastern tribes and death marches and broken treaties upon the western, that the entire prairie was removed, that polyphenols replaced drinking water, gmo seeds the natural, that chemtrails crossed the sky, evidence that this experimentation continues, increases, while all the while the American people is played into distraction by every media, made to consume, made to be obese, made to divide against each other, all strategies of the English, the real rulers of America. Obama is English. Stop and search is English. English Only is English. Fight and die for your country is English. And dare say the English are needed now more than ever because after hundreds of years of divide to conquer, subgroups know about this. It’s only the  middle class of all ethnics and race, who are believers. We believe and believe. Not to believe would unleash a horror comparable to the memories of our soldiers against the people of the world who fight the war on terror, but the war is on themselves. When you remember and are told that is not what happened at all, no, that is not what I meant at all, you either dither like Prufrock or you get about your business. What is your business? You know. And the good news is that others do too. They are youtubing you: the earth is beautiful. The air is beautiful. The rain is beautiful. The wind that blows where it will is beautiful. The light of the sun is beautiful. Our friends, coinhabitants are beautiful, plants, trees, rivers all beautiful. This is what the Navajo sing in Beauty in The Blessing Way.


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