Unified Theory of Integrity

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

In order to judge the truth of ideas try judging the man. His ideas are based on Tesla, fallible is he, to be sure, but how do this other ideas range? So apply these standards, do his other works seem sane or mad. Judge Bearden’s science by his religion, his madness by his sanity. PKD’s Ubik is an infinitely sane piece of writing adjudging the write sane even while he was universally thought and treated as mad. Bearden’s science and weather wars, are they mad or sane? Judged by his relation of what he calls the unified collective unconscious he is mad, even if he holds a third degree black belt in aikido, a sane art on the surface

This most flawed method of truth judges a work by a man and a man by  a work. By this measure Blake’s life validates his work, but Yeats’ life invalidates his. Milton’s lack of empathy diminished Paradise Lost, Donne’s life and work together support his greatness.

After the work address its clarity, does it express simply?

Then memorability, does it continue to recur in different contexts, explaining other things we think about all the time? Sir Thomas Browne’s quincunx is an example, something that explains something else and makes sense of itself because it is observable.

Then, applicability and ease of it thereof.

Then, universality.


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