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Tomopop Review: Square Enix Play Arts Kai Shiva bike photo

Tomopop Review

Data base is the real, not the original or its copy. Dolls, games, fanzines are as much of data base as manga, video, film, lit. The comic market is a comic market, faux is real, which is to say this is real. Amateurs exist in the database as much as great writers, identity diffusion is important because it embodies the opposites of tree lineage vs the chaotic whole, problems anime revealed in Japan and the world, in essence a condition of piracy. Writers all “stripped the ancients’ (Vida), which coexistence in the database however begs to compare otaku with the unconscious, not imitation vs. real, where piracy is commonplace, called originality through citation and infinite imitation.

Fragmented fan groups substituted for the grand societal narrative of the tree lineage. The cause? especially the bomb blew it apart, but global culture is a bomb to nations and cultures. All get to be American in essence. What greater bomb than that?

“Anime Realism”

Blown apart, otaku create a shell for themselves from dermal fantasies, rewriting Tolkien, internalizing film, manga, another Evangelion, collecting dolls, comics. Group affiliations replace families. Whether to say these are shut ins, cast outs or the new realists is just a game. Otaku shut in to their fandoms, hobby communities by choice replace the social to various degrees with fictional identities. Countless social standards replace the universal or grand narratives; (blank) rights. So otaku defines “neurotic construction of shells of themselves out of materials from junk subcultures.” This replace the grand narrative: gangs, games, groups. Faux characters replace the real. News broadcasts are animed, flatted. Commercials are animed, eyelit styled animations. It is not far to  politics as anime, as passionate about their reality as the Obamaites,  the Akirans. Artificial reality, the faux, the moe! coin the term “anime manga-like realism.” Lit, entertainment are sold in the market as video games, dolls, illustrations.

Bikkuriman Sticker Parody

In this environment database is the real, not the story or the characters. The imitations, the simulacra, the outer layers with the inner are all simultaneous chaos and inundation in the database. Mutually supportive, so that if an imitation is true it is true to the database and not nature or reality, as used to be. This together makes a model of the unconsciousness,  simultaneous narratives of everything imitating themselves, sharing disparate parts. Unless you say the unconscious belongs to you either you have borrowed from it, without attribution, yes, mr. joyce, or you have stolen. What a harsh word that has such people in it.  A word, an art, an act not valued as real or true to nature, but to the database. So the gurus cited arbitrarily around Bearden’s Zarg, Kenyon helping us raise our vibe by meditation, Pensinger shooting out the pyramid top in a blaze, these would-be gods are part of the displaced grand narrative, displaced because  “moe-elements have become the gods” (66, Hiroki Azuma in Fandom Unbound). All the elements of documentation, subordination, logic, custom sacrificed to this database. Piracy, not the bad guy, rules. There are no courts or law. Anime living for anime gamers.

Cat Girl, Bunny Girl, Foxgirl, Dog Girl anime is not innocent. Diacon IV Bunny Girl is second in search to the  Playboy Bunny. The Catgirl Research Foundation has a disclaimer at the bottom of the home page: “While some girls may enjoy acting like cats, there are no girls who actually have long furry tails or large cat ears as parts of their body. Though this is unlikely to change in the near future….” The hybrid realities of the Singularists, full blown three decades, used to be called pathetic fallacy to attribute human qualities to nature, now subject to gene splicing, but before that  moe anthropology, which you might take from Kafka, except anime must be cute and vacant 2 D, effects which lend themselves to a combination of bestiality and pedophilia, with big boosts from Microsoft and Windows Me, girls are hybridized to guns, ships and tanks ( Mecha Musume) not unlike Donne’s “oh my America, my newfoundland.”  Helen’s face, a dock, anthropomorphism knows no bounds once launched, “the universe strait-laced / when I can clasp it in the waist.” Erotic appliances, laws, politics, angels, loving their washing machines, cell phones. The cuteness, the cuteness, says Conrad,  the causes of which are below.

How can the next step be gamedeath.


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