Munchausen, Stockhausen, Stockholm

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Take the Direc as a model of the vacuum sea  and track from there our prophets of bad weather, nano tech and scalar weapons, as if these were scales of the crocodile but they are not. Both Burroughs and Stockhausen prefigure  manga pop. Burroughs was a trust fund baby,  each baby  innocent,  quicky, became more. for shooting his wife in the head got an exemption of state, stargate, not of craft for groups unnamed, just a handy monster. Burroughs skill increased by the number of guns he owned, a gun in every room, near to hand.

He was a “sweet guy” who wouldn’t  hump Colbain, like all murder with a  friendly fire demeanor, the ravenings absorb full transliterations of Baal and Mammon, Saaturn and Baal Peor swallowed whole, Coleridge Beaudelaire Huysmans, Rimbaud and idolized those who entrained them,  more of a chorus, but woe to those who oppose them. Let it be said that these actors in the play,  still a cut above the audience of  death in life in the inward minds.

Stockhausen, you’d think just made odd noises, stray bits of sonar, radio, static and be done, how could that offend? They all have two selves, the public celebrant who receives the accolades, well burnished like an idol by the lips of those who kiss, and the degraded one hidden in the reclused hearts. What if we find Stockhausens’ sounds are the accompaniment to Burroughs words? And that is not to say that they do not speak the truth about themselves or the audience, or defame the woeshipers.

Maybe the best use of these two together is to give in western tones the science of the Manga.


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