Time-polarized EM Dedifferentiates

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dedifferentiates would be cellular return to an earlier state. For instance the male is a differentiate out of the female, to Dedif would be to return him home to mom, to the female cellular state.  There’s a lot of Dedif in philosophy of the golden age, golden calf, psychologically in identity quests of childhood, constitutionally, “to return to what the founders intended,”  but none of these practically occurs. We do not go back. Perhaps to compare focus with dilation. Dilation destroys all focus and is the prior state. Youth would be a dedif of age. Restorations are not dedifs, but imitiations of them, the thing looks like it did. Repair is a closer dedif, it works as good as new. Of course the repair or restoration of an antique is generally to lessen its value.

Just to rough out the thing, leave the specs to later, the Rife Machine thinks to cure disease by restoring healthy tissue from the diseased, either by killing its afflicting virus or some other. The notion of interest is that the tissue once was healthy, became diseased, was again healthy, hence in some sense the thissue is being returned to an earlier state of health, hence re generated, thus the disease is regressed in time which seems to be somewhat the notion behind the optical box separated by quartz lenses. To connect this to the Kaznacheyev experiments and the affiliate idea that there is an electromagnetic signature for every disease and for health.

This resembles quantum “entanglement” or spooky action where one particle interacting with another affects a third.

Becker-potentials placed across intractable bone fractures directly generated such effects in red blood cells entering the injury site. . First the cells dedifferentiated back to an earlier form, growing a nucleus and shucking their hemoglobin. Then these new cells differentiated forward to form the type of cells that make cartilage. Then these cells further differentiated forward to form the type of cells that make bone. They were then deposited in the fracture site to heal the fracture. Becker was nominated for a Nobel Prize for this incredible work.

Antoine Priore discovered how to directly amplify that cellular regenerative process in the laboratory.  introduced a longitudinal EM wave structure inside the plasma, adding to its field structures.amplification of the body’s own cellular regeneration mechanism.unparalleled healing of disease occurred, in thousands of laboratory animal experiments rigorously performed at the University of Bordeaux

time decay-blood from a rat successfully healed of a terrible terminal cancer could then be injected into another rat with the same disease, and that rat would also start to get well and get rid of the cancer. This pass it along effect lasted for some weeks. But the experiments clearly showed that the necessary antiengine had been created in the original treated rat, and that it was actually present everywhere in that rat, in its blood and elsewhere, and only gradually dissipated by diffusion reactions as time passes.

why Myron Evans’ work is so important. For the first time, his work will allow the direct modeling (and fitting of the model to experiment) for a large number of scientific areas that are of enormous importance to not only science but to the entire human race. He has already rigorously shown that real EM energy can be extracted from the active vacuum.

Yet there is no OBSERVABLE energy input to the charge. Hence either one must discard the entire conservation of energy law, or one must explain how the virtual state energy of the vacuum is continuously absorbed,every charge in the universe continuously produces negative entropy


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