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Hopkins forgot the world unchanged, who else need try “the ooze of oil…shook foil…the Holy Ghost broods.” God’s Grandeur lives on. No favor Herbert’s “Collar” commends, its presence over hundreds of years, read late, name one or not at all. What falls between is the vanity.

Later on I will write as though I believed that words mean something, that they are palpable, a defense against entropy, armed bandits. By then I will mean it, set them as defenses, rings around those I love. They have a life of their own vibrating there, maybe like angels, but really they are more. How else can I guard these lives? See yesterday, but I write this as of 10 Nov, an armed robber appeared and there was no defense. In our town they are killing the police, who anyway, when I met them yesterday, seemed young and vulnerable compared to the hard case. I was troubled by my responsibility, for it is mine, to protect, but this morning I came on this phrase, “he guards the lives of his faithful ones” (Ps. 97.10) and with it an old note in the margin (Jn. 17.11) which said, “Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name, the name you gave me” and above “I have revealed you [but it is really “your name”] to those whom you gave me out of the world” (6). You can read the whole paragraph, but one more, “while I was with them I protected them and kept them safe by that name you gave me.” I have begun barricades surrounding them. You will see me there maybe, the scaffolds, the ladders, the boards, brick, cement. I am building the Name out of the word.


Stone Age to Christianity

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The news in 1960 that the Jews were unlike their neighbors, and that this set them apart culturally and ideologically was the grounds for Albright’s book, the marked departure of Old Testament beliefs demonstrated  from anything that had existed in the world before. This in itself would be interesting because anomalous. It hardly seemed novel until one realized that in the nineteenth century scholars preoccupied with showing how many like polytheists  the monotheists were. The purpose was to disestablish the special revelation of Israel, Moses, Genesis and Jesus. A second critique now occurs for the paganism that was so utterly defeated, since it has resurged and in many permutations is stronger than ever, just in time for the whole world system to be judged. Psalm 2 is coming.


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Jan Lyken. Smoke from fire as a dervish.

Strange HarvestFile:´t Veroveren van Den Briel, op den eersten april des jaars 1572 (Jan Luyken, 1679).jpg