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Arno, Arnoul,  Arnaud, Arnoldd’s physical commentaries on the Virgin take more ancient beginnings than the original 5th century Arno; borrowings from early Father Ireneaus are proof. We deal here with a multi-layered archeology of texts still raised. The Virgin Commentariis is one of many underground fictions that pretend to be more, assume in fact a higher state than fiction in an era when fictions have replaced fact. In their first form these were written around the fifth century in a Latin dialect, called vulgar Latin for its borrowings from Greek, Celtic and Germanic.  Over writing of the text began to occur in different languages and countries. Much like Arthurian legend language in those Monasteries took the guise of religious community, which, if much diffused, persists today. Indeed it is in these so called fictional diffusions that we look for the cause of the Virgin Commentariis, a Vulgate of modern physics and biology. What do these have to do with the Virgin is indeed our first question in a deliberate juxtaposition of subjects and anachronism of language.?

Suffice for the moment to say that the Virgin is called the Protectress of Unborn Children in one of her moments, and that this directly sums care of the entire genome. The intent of putting modern medieval and ancient texts and conventions side by side with the biologicalseems to  to defuse the volatility and unbelievability of many of the Commentary’s ideas, but it makes for strange reading when words contemporary with Caesar are side by side with scientific terms like Higgs Bosun.  Fantasy then is taken as reality and reality fantasy, turning what the Roman did into the English, then into the American, and then into scientific as if science were a national empire itself.

When fifth century notions of the vulgar Rome first turned by late medieval Celtic seminarians  into critical analogies for English empire, the idea persisted in its scientific successors. British empire turned by analogy into American empire turned America into the scientific empire, which in effect had wrote and rewrote Rome several times. If this seems overly cabbalistic, selections from the coded back drives of computers in these language communities are here given. If arbitrary, they illustrate diversity. The first Arnoul was a Benedictine of the 11th century but the next Arnaud was an incarnate of writings taken up against the Spanish in Mexico. Juan Diego in Spanish, and in Nahuatl  found at the usually barren hilltop Castilian roses. That first Arnold of Soissons acclaimed the Lady of Guadalupe as Protectress of Unborn Children  and protectress of all life, human, animal, botanical and earthly.

To take it chronologically from the first Arno:



For Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at noonday, and Akron shall be rooted up. That is how the Zephaniahs read the global captivity where merchants multiplied above the stars and strongholds fell like figs  only D. H. Lawrence could eat, or Keats burst  joy’s grape against his palate fine. To hide the rest, the eater and the eaten dispute the Fig Gates of the mind set open before its enemies- which no fig wants to bear. There is no talk then of titanium alloys in defense, but simple water drawn for the siege.

Go into clay, tread mortar, make strong  brick.

Locusts and worms and canker-worms of multiplied merchants (Nahum 3), cast lots for the ownership of the honorable men of No-Cleveland and No-York that bought and sold nations and families for the glory of their furniture. They wereled away to the voices of doves, beating their breasts as the Queen stripped them (2.7). Shaker Heights was fallen, Ohio lost, the outland toward the sea, a multitude never ending, corpses so many they stumble over and over under the whip, the wheel, the chariots, the trains, the horns, the dreadful desolate creosote barbs. Like antennas of grey dawn the chains  long for the end .

If the eye is single the whole body fills with light. The eye is understanding. “If the light in you is darkness how great must it be?” Answer, so great that you are as a grave, but invisibly so, and “those who walk over them are not aware.” These talking graves say quite a lot. Their speech appears as living bodies just as the dark approaches light. Do no harm. These do.  They build graves, used to call them sepulchers, tombstones for “the blood of the prophets shed from the foundation of the world.” These hid the key of knowledge because they wanted to make sure nobody used it, as is written in Luke 11.

All this talk of enhancement, blood lines, copper content, Pleiades, Merovingian, scalar fields, going up 26th street past the school walking in the blood covers me. I laugh. To what extent am I responsible for life, whether it be in my yard, family, street, city, nation, planet? To what extent am I responsible for my own life? I can die. I can die. In the midst  of greater forces what else can one do? Nada. So I die, I did die, in this time and reality scheme. They have been killing me for centuries, millennia. But my death is not the grand exit, goes unnoticed, not a footnote except as I remember or you, should you. This has no sting since there is a record, a river that makes glad the city of Yahshua.

Fourth of July

If it helps any, understand that what is said of America was meant for Rome and afterward Britain. And even if Rome could be traced to Babylon and Egypt, America to the English, the overriding scientific and American attitudes, Victorian notions of work as salvation, self against the other, the colony and the conqueror’s right to rule are all  derived from Rome. This got exposition and is read today by whomever.

I got that after meditating the experience of my family over ten generations, experiences and conversations shared in asides and parenthesis that were not considered fully American or maybe even human compared to the English, simply because they were not English. Such conclusions are not the result of animus, for I love the English don’t I, or did, or something, notwithstanding the American respect for people, democracy, this most controlled people from the beginning of making the races speak English. It is an American little-thought that experimenting upon its own people, is best, being that dozens and dozens of nuclear tests conducted in America sum far greater than the fallout of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They bombed their own people first and last. Little boyed them, trivialized them until they did it to themselves.  Black convicts leased into the community from which they had been freed in the south, convicts on most flimsy bases, all central America pamphleted for cheap labor immigrants, genocide perpetuated upon tribes, death marches and broken treaties, the entire prairie removed, polyphenols for drinking water, gmo seeds for natural, chemtrails, polymers increase while all the Mather  people are distracted by every media to consume,  be obese,  divide against each other: these are all strategies of the Roman English, the real rulers of America. Obama is English. English Only is English. Fight and die for your country is English. The English are needed now more than ever because after hundreds of years of divide and conquer, subgroups know about it. Only the  middle class of ethnics and race are believers, so the slogan of save the middle class means save Rome. We believe and believe. Not to believe would unleash a horror comparable to the memories of our soldiers who fought the war on terror against the people of the world , but the war was on themselves. When you remember and are told that is not what happened at all, no, that is not what what was meant at all, you either dither like Prufrock or you get about your business. What is your business? You know. And the good news is others do too. They are youtubing you: earth is beautiful, air is beautiful, rain is beautiful,  wind that blows where it will is beautiful, light of the sun is beautiful, our friends are beautiful, plants, trees, rivers beautiful.  The Blessing Way.

Mythic Goya Politic

After the election they turned up the waves. You could feel it in the dead resonance, lack of echo  in conversations, dull repetitions, one note charges. If you don’t know who they are it’s not much good to say. The agenda is distant and deep. Not too much to say they turned up the drones. The signs are vertigo, sleepless, discoloration, dizziness,  symptoms of heavy metal poisoning, but from the air. Sleepers walked through the trance state of  matrix advertising,  looking down, shocked by the sandy upset, quicksand, as if how could nature do that! The attributes of cause and effect unthinkable, unspeakable, a Goya-made poetic movie of people killed for entertainment,  4.5 million killed, the 40 million, except for the 400 million  and counting to six billion, a movie not that many see. It is hard for the incorporated mind to imagine being done so much denial and substitution,  not happening what is happening someplace else. Many under incorporated areas would participate in the resistance, even with a Google search.  Let us do this for its own sake and the joy of existence.

“By drawing attention away from actually existing efforts of atmospheric experimentation and manipulation, such coordinated efforts [offering carbon trading, Co2 pollution, human caused greenhouse effects, coal, etc. as causes]  are complicit in the impending environmental catastrophe they profess to be rallying against. The repeated claim of CO2-driven climate change without acknowledgment of geoengineering-related environmental intervention is a severe perversion of both meaningful scientific inquiry and public opinion with overwhelming implications for all life on earth.” here

Scalars, DEW Directed energy weapons, EMBW electromagnetic biological warfare

Russian WOODPECKERS, scalar electromagnetics- unified field theory of electromagnetics and gravitation

“Clandestine, slow BW attacks can be so insidiously hidden and cleverly employed that the Western nations — because of their present scientific and intelligence shortfalls and biases — will not even comprehend that the BW “slow strike” — on several fronts and employing differing agents and methodologies — was deliberate, until it is far too late to do anything about itI firmly believe that, one way or another, such a clandestine “slow biological warfare strike”, using viral and bacteriological agents and EM BW DEW augmentation as well — is already well underway against us. Further, it is still totally unrecognized as such by the West. Tom Bearden, Gravitobiology, 12 (1991)

after the initial operational capability (IOC) advent of the Soviet Woodpeckers in 1976, the weather over North America was highly anomalous. In fact, the prestigious journal Science eventually pointed out that such an anomalous weather decade couldbe expected only once in 1200 years 13

In this paper we present a more technical explanation of the biological effects of scalar electromagnetics 13

1985 was the specific Soviet target year to have all these weapons online and ready to go, 14

the” whole banana” of Soviet gravitobiology 17


electromagnetic induction of earthquakes confirmed by Defense Sec Cohen (1997)


Behave more like a captive mantis society consuming each other in an orgy of consumption. That is Otaku West, consuming the consumed.

Otaku specialist Makoto Fukuda wrote in the Daily Yomiuri, “There is a tradition in Japan’s otaku culture that even such things as trains or computer operating systems can be changed into cute characters in a way that turns inanimate subjects into characters meant to inspire a ‘moe’ response.” Herbivores.

Otaku describes a subculture of young, male geeks who lose themselves in a hermetic world of manga comic books and video games.”

Would you believe such a troglodyte as Dennis Kucinich attempted to introduce legislation 11 years ago in the Space Preservation Act of 2001 to ban:

*electronic, psychotronic and information weaponry
*high altitude ultra low frequency weapons
*plasma, electromagnetic, sonic and ultrasonic weapons
*laser weapons
*strategic, theater, tactical or extraterrestrial weapons
*chemical biological, environmental climate or tectonic weapons
*chemtrails (this term was stricken from a later version, suggesting duress)

That shows how far disinformation affects the corporate mind, for these are central techniques in full utilization, but not the only ones. Particulates, polymers, I don’t know who said it but it went like this. The whole purpose and intent to destroy the past, past being taken as thousands of years and decades also, signifying those values of tradition that would impede the spread of the something to take its place. Cultural purveyors covered all segments of comedy, literature and entertainment, but the only  believers were the followers of Megadeth and its Endgame. All had the one  goal to destroy the past, its icons, its attitudes, its values, made easier when it could focus on injustice, inequality, racism as smoke screens, but the real concern was to destroy liberty, faith, family. This conversation was overheard on the subway with much detail provoked from the Book of Mormon musical, from South Park and Monty Python, who have believers everywhere, but it has many more  in the way of precursors, the documentary hypothesis, stream of consciousness, industrialization, all  seem  inevitable and good, but really, take them away and you still have society, less healthful, but happier.

Now this guy on the subway said he wanted to destroy the future as these destroyed the past, which sounds like a horror, but the future was not the open ended hopeful place of dreams. it was a nightmare of repression, slavery, imprisonment and death. Who could believe it possible when we feel science will save us from our worst mistakes, but in this view science was the worst mistake, not in itself but because forces greater than science control it and its results.

Summum bonum

For starters here is the father of weaponized weather, Ben Livingstone.

Another complication is that raw data collects by analogy, so the effects of the study weather manipulation are modeled on Otaku, being the effects of the atomic bomb on the Japanese and the response in their art and in anime.

Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture, Otaku. The energy sources are even more tangled, but try maybe the links in Time-polarized EM Dedifferentiates

So in this world of make believe, to borrow the analogue

Data base is the real, not the original or its copy. Dolls, games, fanzines are as much of data base as manga, video, film, lit. The comic market is a comic market, faux is real, which is to say this is real. Amateurs exist in the database as much as great writers, identity diffusion is important because it embodies the opposites of tree lineage vs the chaotic whole, problems anime revealed in Japan and the world, in essence a condition of piracy. Writers all “stripped the ancients’ (Vida), which coexistence in the database however begs to compare otaku with the unconscious, not imitation vs. real, where piracy is commonplace, called originality through citation and infinite imitation.

Fragmented fan groups substituted for the grand societal narrative of the tree lineage. The cause? especially the bomb blew it apart, but global culture is a bomb to nations and cultures. All get to be American in essence. What greater bomb than that?

“Anime Realism”

Blown apart, otaku create a shell for themselves from dermal fantasies, rewriting Tolkien, internalizing film, manga, another Evangelion, collecting dolls, comics. Group affiliations replace families. Whether to say these are shut ins, cast outs or the new realists is just a game. Otaku shut in to their fandoms, hobby communities by choice replace the social to various degrees with fictional identities. Countless social standards replace the universal or grand narratives; (blank) rights. So otaku defines “neurotic construction of shells of themselves out of materials from junk subcultures.” This replace the grand narrative: gangs, games, groups. Faux characters replace the real. News broadcasts are animed, flatted. Commercials are animed, eyelit styled animations. It is not far to  politics as anime, as passionate about their reality as the Obamaites,  the Akirans. Artificial reality, the faux, the moe! coin the term “anime manga-like realism.” Lit, entertainment are sold in the market as video games, dolls, illustrations.

In this environment database is the real, not the story or the characters. The imitations, the simulacra, the outer layers with the inner are all simultaneous chaos and inundation in the database. Mutually supportive, so that if an imitation is true it is true to the database and not nature or reality, as used to be. This together makes a model of the unconsciousness,  simultaneous narratives of everything imitating themselves, sharing disparate parts. Unless you say the unconscious belongs to you either you have borrowed from it, without attribution, yes, mr. joyce, or you have stolen. What a harsh word that has such people in it.  A word, an art, an act not valued as real or true to nature, but to the database. So the gurus cited arbitrarily around Bearden’s Zarg, Kenyon helping us raise our vibe by meditation, Pensinger shooting out the pyramid top in a blaze, these would-be gods are part of the displaced grand narrative, displaced because  “moe-elements have become the gods” (66, Hiroki Azuma in Fandom Unbound). All the elements of documentation, subordination, logic, custom sacrificed to this database. Piracy, not the bad guy, rules. There are no courts or law. Anime living for anime gamers.

Cat Girl, Bunny Girl, Foxgirl, Dog Girl anime is not innocent. Diacon IV Bunny Girl is second in search to the  Playboy Bunny. The Catgirl Research Foundation has a disclaimer at the bottom of the home page: “While some girls may enjoy acting like cats, there are no girls who actually have long furry tails or large cat ears as parts of their body. Though this is unlikely to change in the near future….” The hybrid realities of the Singularists, full blown three decades, used to be called pathetic fallacy to attribute human qualities to nature, now subject to gene splicing, but before that  moe anthropology, which you might take from Kafka, except anime must be cute and vacant 2 D, effects which lend themselves to a combination of bestiality and pedophilia, with big boosts from Microsoft and Windows Me, girls are hybridized to guns, ships and tanks ( Mecha Musume) not unlike Donne’s “oh my America, my newfoundland.”  Helen’s face, a dock, anthropomorphism knows no bounds once launched, “the universe strait-laced / when I can clasp it in the waist.” Erotic appliances, laws, politics, angels, loving their washing machines, cell phones. The cuteness, the cuteness, says Conrad,  the causes of which are below.

How can the next step be gamedeath.

Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture

It was not a bombing back to stone, but to the second dimension. Were the costs of shock and awe known they might still be done, but consider  the result of the white out, the orange sun, the total dark and the rain of body parts and that that is different from the holocaust mainly from the shock and awe, for the Nazis delivered their murder hands on, more or less medieval for the time, but Hiroshima was devastated from above.

This spawned Godzilla and all the monsters and giants of pop that frightened children in their beds at night. It was an attack on childhood, as Murakami shows, and on old age; neither could exist. Compare it with the PTSD and shock of IUDs among the American Afgans, the disorientation, in the shocking of brain against bone, sound and lined light, and then think of it coming sudden, immersion complete, shock waves more than felt, producing no more inane patter and chatter that followed it in America than justifying…more bombing of the homeland, greater by far than of Japan, American Ground Zero The Secret Nuclear War, but atrocities make more. Superflat means just that, flatted out  of existence, existence being three dimensions, and superflatted peoples are the most dangerous to themselves and all, not that they are worse, but action / reaction, as in the shamed German nation of WWI, produces worse. From Godzilla the superflat to aliens from the grotesque, to normal hiding the grotesque, preparation for the super modern superman who never dies, aborned for millennia. Does it strike you that the top 10 evil experiments were all conducted in the 20th century? Why did Japan ally with the Germans? Sure you can hear the gas, and the Chinese museums of Japan’s atrocities.

Bearden says Japan is a criminal enterprise, just like Biden says Afghanistan. Nations regard others as criminal, their heroes terrorists, so they have to increase the helium to sustain the bubble. Each night I see trucks down the alleys spraying to decease the Schumann Resonance to put people back to sleep. You wonder why this is necessary if the helium works. Just another propo-gram from fail safe. Misinformation has the weather change, blaming local coal to crank up fracking, but everyone knows deep down that the weather is cracking, Yakusa coming down in hurricanes and tornadoes, Yakusa and the old KGB drying up the leaves, driving the blue stem scalar jet stream. It will be some sight, Dr. Strangelove riding the storm, like Roman horses with fog breath and HAARP cloud. Electrosmog gets more for the transmitters, disinformation moves like hi and lo pressures. Yakusa caused the NO flood, but lost the ball on downs from the  American earthquake disaster at Yakushima. We score this submarine loss on  nuke plants, suitcase scalar earthquake  and tsunami kits. In the second half blows up Yellowstone.

I don’t know what the bill is for all the gas, all the helium to pump up the Apocalypse, much the same maybe as the bill for all the gas to pump up the dream of superiority. So while they spray each night to complete the negative optical transfer to the rest of the world,  Japan contemplates the demise and gets out the mask. When the American wakes to realize the Hiroshima bomb was named Little Boy, and all Japan has  been little boyed so its pop art reflects revenge on the airplane that dropped its humikiation, one can ask, what would you have done in Japan as a nation of warriors? So while Little Boy superflat plots revenge, Goodbars admire the work being more quick and comfortable with Shinto animist technology simply an extension of nature. Superflat means the eyes are expressionless as the face is unwrinkled, unaged, childed, simplified, flattened out of dimensionality. This flat affect, failure to make eye contact is a form of a subculture of autism…

“Hideako Anno, spent several years of his life essentially isolated in his room reading comic books and playing video games in a particularly Japanese affliction known as “otaku.” Otakus are defined by William Gibson as, “the passionate obsessive, the information age’s embodiment of the connoisseur, more concerned with the accumulation of data than of objects. . . Understanding otaku -hood, I think, is one of the keys to understanding the culture of the web. There is something profoundly post-national about it, extra-geographic. We are all curators, in the post-modern world, whether we want to be or not.” Quang Truong here

“The theory that Japan’s defeat stripped the country of its independence and led to the creation of a nation of permanent children, weaklings forced to live under the protection of the American Big Daddy, is widely shared by artists and intellectuals in Japan. It is also a staple of popular cartoons, many of which feature a well-meaning government that turns out to be a facade concealing sinister and more powerful forces.

Anno pauses for a moment, and gives a dark-browed stare out the window. “I don’t see any adults here in Japan,” he says, with a shrug. “The fact that you see salarymen reading manga and pornography on the trains and being unafraid, unashamed or anything, is something you wouldn’t have seen 30 years ago, with people who grew up under a different system of government. They would have been far too embarrassed to open a book of cartoons or dirty pictures on a train. But that’s what we have now in Japan. We are a country of children.” Atlantic Monthly Interview Anno here

The comment on the above is a denial that: “I’m surprised the man who recently directed the remake of Cutie Honey, and is now busy remaking Evangelion, would go so far as to call any adult who reads manga childish.”

The gas is that strong.

Good news, here is an excellent PDF of this Essay on WWII infantilizing Japanese culture such as anime and otaku. Takashi Murakami is a good hands writer. Exploding subculture is a pun. Little Boy is the name of the Hiroshima bomb. Anime is a production of Little Boy. Superflat is a societal autism. The USG Manhattan Project boys, proud physicists all, naming their bombs, or the people they were dropped on, driven into infancy and beyond, emasculated, juvenilized produced Game Boy,  Pokémon, Pocket Monsters that did to their own what they done to them, called RPGs, role playing games, not rocket propelled grenades: six hundred Japanese children got epileptic seizures watching Pokémon “Dennō Senshi Porygon“, (Electric Soldier Porygon) in season 1. There were bright explosions with rapidly alternating blue and red color patterns. This is the superflat here , here Hutsume Miku, Vocaloid, (thx Gwern Branwen).

They are not of one mind these conquerors of dna but the imperial control they exercise suggests otherwise.  Among the coffee houses of their base there is debate about how to humanely treat the sub races, not sub human, but sub lunarian.

From booklet 4

At a time now past it happened that a man who read stories like newspapers was going along the road when  the trees of the forest burst into flame, but the flame was their speech and there was one  he could understand. This tree said, as if it were an animal, a bear or a dog perhaps a badger, one of those that lived in the ground, because that is where the tree lived too,  all of us are burning. That is the way we live. At its base  there was a hole covered with leaves. He swept the leaves away and saw among the tree roots the den

At a time in the future

“I am afraid the wold will laugh at him and that in future ages men will be found eating one another.” Chuang tzu II Dover, 108

Past and Future

I don’t know who said it but it went like this. The whole purpose and intent to destroy the past, past being taken as thousands of years and decades also, signifying those values of tradition that would impede the spread of the something to take its place. Cultural purveyors covered all segments of comedy, literature and entertainment, but the only  believers were the followers of Megadeth and its Endgame. All had the one  goal to destroy the past, its icons, its attitudes, its values, made easier when it could focus on injustice, inequality, racism as smoke screens, but the real concern was to destroy liberty, faith, family. This conversation was overheard on the subway with much detail provoked from the Book of Mormon musical, from South Park and Monty Python, who have believers everywhere, but it has many more  in the way of precursors, the documentary hypothesis, stream of consciousness, industrialization, all  seem  inevitable and good, but really, take them away and you still have society, less healthful, but happier.

Now this guy on the subway said he wanted to destroy the future as these destroyed the past, which sounds like a horror, but the future was not the open ended hopeful place of dreams. it was a nightmare of repression, slavery, imprisonment and death. Who could believe it possible when we feel science will save us from our worst mistakes, but in this view science was the worst mistake, not in itself but because forces greater than science control it and its results.

Munchausen, Stockhausen, Stockholm

Take the Direc as a model of the vacuum sea  and track from there our prophets of bad weather, nano tech and scalar weapons, as if these were scales of the crocodile but they are not. Both Burroughs and Stockhausen together prefigure  manga  pop. Burroughs was a trust fund baby,  each baby  innocent,  quicky become more. for shooting his wife in the head got an exemption of state, stargate, not of craft for  groups unnamed. Just a handy monster. Burroughts skill increased by the number o guns he owned, a gun in every room, near to hand.

he was a weweet guy” who wouldn’t  hump Colbain, like all murder with a  friendly fire demeanor, the ravenings absorb  and full of transliterations of Baal and Mammon, SAaturn and Baal Peor swallowed whole Coleridge Beaudelaire Huysmans, Rimbaud and idolized those who entrained them,  more of a chorus, but woe to those who oppose them. Let it be said that these actors in the play,  still a cut above the audience of  death in life in the inward minds.

Stockhausen, you’d think he just made odd noises, stray bits of sonar, radio, static and be done, how could he offend? They all have two selves, the public celebrant who receives the accolades, whell burnished like an idol by the lips of those who kiss, and the degraded one hidden in the reclused hearts. What if we find Stockhausenes sounds are the acacampaniment to Burroughs words? And that is not to say that they do not speak the truth about themselves or the audience, but they do not defame the woeshipers.

Maybe the best use of these two is that together the give in western tones the science of the Manga.

Monarch Children,TransAping Kafka and Upping

Kafka’s captured ape that develops human consciousness, acquires language while held as a prisoner in a cage on a ship is prophetic of more than extraordinary rendition.

Seeing this in context with the transhuman, it would be transaping, as in Plant of the Apes, the prequel, these parables all point to increasing human intelligence, exactly to what end and for what reason, except that it could be done, is not known. To make life easier is the best guess. But does intelligence do that? Or does it just increase doubt. Without doubt how can it be intelligence anyway, questioning itself, when all the models design an intelligence of huge proportion but limited to designated tasks, like  a robot. If it won’t do the task it is removed, has no purpose. Intelligence without an appreciation of what it is not is a robot. This suggests a superior  theory of intelligence grounded in compassion or empathy, not to do harm, nor to control. Naively, not to control, because intelligence is preeminently choice and choice has effects, a brilliant scientist who chooses to make a trillion trillion brain makes himself and all he is extinct.

These matters are complicated by government, business and institutional funding which always conduct toward a purpose, being greater control and profit. To join intelligence to this suggests it is debased, reduced to a shadow of itself, being told what to do. So who tells intelligence what to do?


The news that scientists cut off the antennae of Monarch butterflies to see whether they would get lost, and they did, fits among the travesties of science, but it turns out there are Monarch Children made according to similar policies. Ted K, the Una bomber is one. He was extensively tested and had his antennae removed in an LSD experiment at Harvard as a student. The ramifications of this made him a criminal it is now thought (see the BBC pic at the end where he is touted as a potential hero of the opposition to this and other testing). Cynthia O’Brien is another. Not that there is any record of the top secret MK Ultra project that began these experiments of which there were 150 different programs in the country. The records were destroyed by Helms in 1973, so there is ultimate deniability. By their nature these experiments would have no records except in the damaged memories of the guinea pigs. But before delineating the details, also much contested, let it be recalled that these techniques are older than MK Ultra. Graphic instances are cited by Henry Miller in the life of Arthur Rimbaud, but clouded with speculation.
I had access to these experiences in memory and wrote of them in a Review of Notes from the Underground and even more so in the Divine Comedy reviews.

People who go into the other world, taking ahyushaca, dmt, and encounter spirits are sensitive. They want to think this is their contact with supernaturals. If told these are demons they will claim they are being demonized. They are, but by themselves, unless the dose is given like it was to Ted Kacyznski (Manifesto) the Unibomber at Harvard, on the sly by the CIA.

from the fall of 1959 through the spring of 1962, Harvard psychologists, led by Henry A. Murray, conducted a disturbing and what would now be seen as ethically indefensible experiment on twenty-two undergraduates. To preserve the anonymity of these student guinea pigs, experimenters referred to individuals by code name only. One of these students, whom they dubbed “Lawful,” was Theodore John Kaczynski (Alston Chase)

the BBC special mentions him at least four times as a potential saint in the coming artilect wars, a potential John Connor, who called attention to the evil of science.

Henry Murray’s experiment was intended to measure how people react under stress. Murray subjected his unwitting students, including Kaczynski, to intensive interrogation — what Murray himself called “vehement, sweeping, and personally abusive” attacks, assaulting his subjects’ egos and most-cherished ideals and beliefs.

Dubbed “the Unabomber” by the FBI because his early victims were associated with universities or airlines,

Wikapedia: Students in Murray’s study were told they would be debating personal philosophy with a fellow student.[11] Instead they were subjected to a “purposely brutalizing psychological experiment”[11] stress test, which was an extremely stressful, personal, and prolonged psychological attack. During the test, students were taken into a room, strapped into a chair and connected to electrodes that monitored their physiological reactions, while facing bright lights and a two-way mirror. Each student had previously written an essay detailing their personal beliefs and aspirations: the essays were turned over to an anonymous attorney, who would enter the room and individually belittle each strapped-down student based in part on the disclosures they had made. This was filmed, and students’ expressions of impotent rage were played back to them several times later in the study.

It proves K’s point that science is dangerous, unrestrained.  Murray had tenure and got promoted, had a center named for his unconscionable experiments, but no worse than those being done in the name of science wherever you want to name.

Not that it can be proved, because these agencies cover their tracks, the same governments and agencies that are dumbing them up are also simultaneously dumbing them down. If that sounds like Joseph Mengeles, does it strike you as hopeful that the top 10 evil experiments were all conducted in the 20th century? Mengele’s experiments continued far beyond Nazi Germany and WWII,  are considered here for what has not been attributed to him but which has its DNA directly out of his mind. It only makes #7 in the top ten list, but that is because MK Ultra morphed into another program which cannot be proven except by its victims, who are always treated just like rape victims used to be, with extreme doubt. As many as a million in the U.S. some say, the Monarch alters read like a Hollywood script yet to be done, dozens and dozens of cages stacked on top one another, like in Planet of the Apes, except holding children captured from the mean streets and subjected to trama based mind control to make structured multiple-disordered minds (MPD). It is said that the original reason for the name Monarch was that as  the traumatized children had their legs tied during electro-shock and torture they thought they were butterflies as their alters (personalities) formed.

Multiple takes on this appear from the Manchurian Candidate to Doll House to Black Swan, for it is always the way of these warps that fantasizes into popular entertainment to neutralize it from being taken seriously. Popular entertainment properly viewed is an encyclopedia of the top 10 list and beyond.

Fundamentally Monarch Alters create a front personality, front as in false front, while a deeper programming has some predesigned purpose. These deeper purposes are triggered by mechanisms of release, which could be anything, even happen accidently. If you think that contributes to an understanding of the increasing sociopathic, psychotic mass murders that  began happening since about 1970 then good for you. Monarch alters gone wrong?

Monarch alters become a metaphor for the transformation of Brittany Spears/Britannia, Beyonce/Sasha Fierce, Lady Gaga/ ‘Joe Calderone’ and give a chance at understanding something that is going on, even if not to them. How many of these alter ego situations exist is of course in dispute as if multiplying the phenomena reduces argument to disputing whether Britany is Britannia or Mona, a nickname, an alter ego, or a persona,  or an evolution of artists to release their energies, Prince with Camille, Bowie with Ziggy, or Manson with Omega not  Jekyll and Hyde,  werewolf or Hulk. Or they can change as temporaries, Madonna’s alter during Erotica was Dita.

Beyonce = Sasha Fierce
Mariah Carey = Bianca
Ciara = Super Ci
Garth Brooks = Chris Gaines
Ashlee Simpson = Vicky Valentine
Britney Spears = Mona Lisa

You know some more. Many Altered States occur from drugs, where ayahuasca meets amanita muscaria or as Paddy Chayefsky inside a water tank, with reference to John Lilly, with sensory deprivation, sought  “relaxation”. These alters occur from torture which itself has a history, used as a means of induction into various secret societies of Satanism, but generally enters literature with Rimbaud who says he makes himself a comprachicoes for his art, but there is a big difference between cutting a cock’s throat in front of an initiate to show the punishment for betrayal and the real thing inflicted to divide the self from the self. The tortures of Mennonites in Switzerland or… in Argentina was to pleasure the torturer and to make them confess to false doctrine, but not to become something else. The purpose of torture beyond torture being the induction of the false self for control by the torturer.

There are at least two Beardens, the one who predicts the utter demise of the USA by 2008 at the latest, over and over again, and the other on youtube who discusses with some interest the EM fields etc. These two have one thing in common, both being dogmatic.

Drawn to iconoclasts, those who turn over the apple cart for whatever reason, Tom Bearden seemed to fit the bill so I started to investigate his notion that the Standard Model of particle physics was flawed some 14 ways, especially with the news this week at the report that Higgs found his Bosun at CERN and they all had a party confirming the Standard Model  as never before. But by then I was reading Bearden’s Excalibur Briefing after having sounded some of his lectures and interviews and digests by those who know him well.

People seem to say a thing is Zen when they mean to explain off market thought. I take the first principle of Zen to be If this were as he says / he would not say. That means the siddhis are all too willing to shoulder their way into the mind with ideas of grandeur; I can read your mind one says. These very graphic illusions, akin to images of porn, mean to distract the mind from its first course and heart. They are to be gone through the way Christian goes through Temptation. It looks as if Bearden got stuck. It is always the problem of writing that to say too much is revealing. He starts off saying he is interested in the”paranormal” from experiences in  Yoseikan aikido: I began to experience what might be called paranormal perception, in essence seeing himself from the sidelines in the exercises, in slow time. He calls this “the pure zen state of aikido” (29), the Complete aikido oneness state.”  This became one at least with his investigation of UFOs, materialization, thought forms  (“tulpas”) and telepathy, then to the entire “entity nature of the collective human unconscious,” the “psychotronic Manhattan Project” of the Soviets, and finally to the belief that “by psychotronics, the minds of all men can be linked into a great supermind having absolute psychokinetic mastery over time and space–truly a godlike being, in whom the collective human unconscious has a collective conscious instead of four billion fragments individual personal conscious minds.”

Bearden applies his reading of Revelations, citing it again, not a bit worried about “adding” to it, making his unconscious ZARG  have  a sting and a tail, rather like the beast of Rev. “Humans will pray for death and not find it, the grave will”give up its dead,” the “beast will be defeated and cast into darkness”  “Man will have become a true God —in a strange and bizarre way constituting the second coming of God.” Further, “Zarg can pull the very stars out of orbit” (250), like teeth! Man literally is and shall be god, (253) he says. This is a popular point of view, see Kenyon, Pensinger. Blavatsky would be proud.

And for this he blames the Soviets. “So the Soviets are on a course to evoke the full carnage of something very like the Book of Revelation. John, looking across two thousand years of history into the future, and seeing the awful cataclysm that was to come, described it as best he could in the concepts available to his day and in the belief structure in which he functioned. Thus he described Armageddon and the end of time, and wrote the Book of Revelation.”

“Spacetime and reality will have gone insane during the developing paroxysm”

“The rousing of ZARG will initiate and accomplish thedirect linkage of the conscious minds of humans into a single giant super conscious mind — extending into billions of dimensions.

“The entire world history from beginning to end will come into simultaneous being (fourth dimensionality), and then all possible such world histories will come into being (fifth dimensionality)…The kundalini of the entire human race has 251 slowly been rising, and paranormal phenomena have been increasing. “

I missed ZARG (Scribd, p 251 f) on first reading because my copy had this page ripped out, no doubt it hides in somebody’s wallet who is waiting the welcome the dragon, “the old Midgard Serpent whose awakening shatters the illusion of this reality in the old Norse myth.”   Bearden ends citing I Cor 13, the love chapter. I’d like to make up for missing it by citing an equivalent, as if he got it from some secret society, the Electroshock, “the anointed universal sound that leaped (lept) down from the throne of heaven out of the very mind of God andincarnated in one Sri Rama Ohnedaruth the mighty mystic known as Saint John Will-I-Am Coltrane”  Coltrane Church.If these don’t seem like proper forms you ought to go read the Faerie Queene. but hey, no need for the faery, and no need for Zarg when we have already the Hobbit and Smaug,not to speak of the dragon in Revelations:
Everybody has a point of view. The one known here is merely textual, not philosophical. That is, what ia the best text, whether translated, etc., and without skewing what does it say? As this applies to Bearden’s Zarg and Armageddon, what he calls the “bottom line in  both physics and Jungian psychology, the collective unconscious as a living entity (247), he argues that personal consciousnesses are to it as cells to a body. This breaks down in snytactic confusion, not worth citing, but emerges with the thought that Zarg’s conscious mind consists of the individual number of personal human minds, now some eight billion, but then however he argues by analogy that the collective mind has the characteristics of the personal consciousness, which when fragmented, dissociated (a la MKUltra) becomes psychotic. Hence the collective unconscious, or Zarg is insane. He is guilty of simple equivocation in this, by taking the unconscious for the conscious. Further equivocation says that the collective gains additional dimensions for every added past the first. He does not fathom one and One, but they are not two. If you as a grad student want to argue the point please read lit. It is a false division to suggest arithmetic as an analytical tool for the whole, which is undivided, or Euclidean geometry that A=B, B=C therefore A=C, that is Zarg is a superentity, our personal consciousness are cells of it, thus each of us is a part of Zarg. A false syllogism, undistributed. The collective has no parts. Hope his physics is better than his psych. More likely the reality distortion Steve Jobs made famous, denial of pancreatic cancer, overcomes all else.
In some way this impacts the rising frequency of the Schumann Resonance, pegged at 7.83, but which under the condition of global warming has increased to 8, it is said. This is natural if we consider that the natural frequency will change with temperature as the thermal energy of the molecules of the object changes. The upshot alleged is that the old frequency in the unconsciousness upper theta range is superseded by another of wakefulness in low alpha: “If due to the climatic changes on earth the natural spectrum of the Schumann waves would thus expose us on the one hand a constantly with intensifying alpha frequency, on the other hand however a likewise ever more intensively becoming beta wave spectrum, which is appropriate to a large extent above 20 Hz, then this would mean that we are all going towards a condition of increased wakefulness. This is strengthened still, as we see, by the continuous decrease of the earth’s magnetic field ” (at the end of this piece). Although Bearden doesn’t say it like this, an increased f of Schumann would argue his point of consciousness. We would like to separate the “magical” out of this by resort to Tesla’s mechanical resonance as an analogy for the electromagnetic and that “It is an inescapable fact that the planet today is a complete cacophony of man-made electromagnetic fields and signals.” here  SeeElectromagnetic fields from non-ionising electromagnetic radiation : discussion

When I read all personal minds were to be united I immediately got on the phone to Solzhenitsyn, wanting him to know. Honestly, he pooh poohed it a little, told me to call  Dostoevsky if the Russians were so great. The point of this absurdity discredits Bearden, who needed a friend and editor to tell him what not to say, to edit out all the repetitions and stop saying the world would end in two years. Be more Dephic, moi Man! By the end of the Intro to the First Edition, in full throttle, Bearden has already invoked the “parables in the Book of Revelation” as his new collective conscious mind becomes the “I AM.”  Siddhis all.

That is not by the way to suggest anything about the Revelation, but it is not a parable, and indeed at the end of it the I AM is firmly seated and declared, it is not however the collective mind however, more of a collective delusion, as Tom Kenyon shows:

“If they are correct, we will pass through a collective planetary portal on that date and enter the Age of the Gods. Indeed, if the majority of humanity reaches the level of attaining siddhic powers, we would be very much in the Age of the Gods. Those of us engaged in spiritual practices to accelerate personal evolution are, I believe, making a tangible contribution to the future destiny of this world. Consciousness has a subtle, yet potent affect upon the environment. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated this.”

Psychotronics connected to the super mind accelerates something run by these demented souls who think their thoughts matter, as if the emanations of Blake exist because they thought it  so. In making the not made to exist by men and machines that it may become so, the Psychlotronics act, “in concert” and produce “entrainment” just the way the cps of a brain entrain to household electronics. Welcome to the brave new world:

“Thoughtform may be understood as a ‘psychospiritual’ complex of mind, energy or consciousness manifested either consciously or unconsciously, by a sentient being or in concert. In the Dzogchen view [the natural state of mind, primordial awareness] accomplished thoughtform of the kye rim mode are sentient beings as they have a consciousness field or mindstream confluence in a dynamic of entrainment-secession and organization-entropy of emergent factors or from the mindstream intentionality of progenitor(s).” Wiki-tulpa

Nothing of course could be clearer, but in case it is not the practitioner might leave Mr. Kenyon behind and hitch a ride, entrain to another siddhic power such as William L. Pensinger’s  nirvikalpa samadhi. which like Bearden’s aikido experience inspires to greatness even while invalidating his thought, for if you have to give your credentials you have none. Siddhis named for Siddhartha (Gautama Buddha), the Buddha in Sanskrit mean attainment of higher powers through Tapas (religious austerity). Bursts of egoism, sexual enlightenment an self worth are its expression these days, not to forget drugs. Siddhic powers force themselves upon.  Bearden says the Russians mechanized, or magnetized these processes with EM Scalar fields! Pensinger says it comes through the top of a pyramid: golden mean for a godden age.

This entry should be read together with THE IMMORTAL.

Note: see Frozen Music and musical architecture, musatecture of Stockhausen

Any electric charge is automatically a broken symmetry, a release of energy. All the air, a leaf is charged, all manifest ion is broken symmetry charged with what Hopkins would call the grandeur of God. “shining out like shook foil.” The current manifest! This increases 150 to 300 volts per meter as you go up  to the electrosphere from the surface of  the  earth. In the average thunderstorm the bottom of the clouds are charged oppositely to the electrosphere . So as a storm moves in the 150  at surface decreases to 0 then reverses when the thundercloud is over you. This reversal cleans biological systems.

[When we consider that the ionosphere surrounding our planet is electrically positive charged whilst the earth’s surface carries a negative charge, we must conclude that this amounts to a prevailing electrical tension within the earth/ionosphere cavity. This tension is discharged when thunderstorms develop in this cavity. In physics two concentric electrically charged balls, one placed inside the other, are called ball condensers, or capacitors.] earthbreathing

Potential pure voltage is an influx of energy from the time domain, says Bearden, after Tesla, a 4th axis and translation of it as output  as longitudinal wave energy into three space. Potentials involve a very powerful set of changes between the time energy.  Do not assume flat space time. Polarity is driven by charge and charge distribution. Then we know that we have broken symmetries everywhere. Bearden, Applied Scalar Wave Technology 1 0f 8

2/8 Source Charge problem-an input of energy not observable

Curved space time is a broken equilibrium. Prediction of broken symmetry 1957 Nobel, Lee and Yang

The world is a multilayered, multicolored, cosmic superconductor.

Air Force Research Lab Directed Energy Directorate

Microwave congruence with schizophrenia

Street theater and gaslighting

I had a dream about Higgs Bosun, right before they said they found it, about how it must feel to want to be god, Hugh and Tom even Bearden, and Ray all of them in their labs and in their underwear wanting to find the particles at this half running of the LHC, even if it smacks of desperation, not laconic their search for god, what god is it, the one they cannot find and when they do they know deep down it will be themselves, so they will never be atheists again, were never atheists at all, just narcissists and they do this even against they own deep wishes, like Hugh at night dreams of a time when it will all , all his work destroy all the has worked for, the work destroys the work, and be glad.

There was a man, I call him that but it is just a title, he did not feel strong. He was being made to do something he abhorred. This is the dream. I had a nuclear device in a Tupperware plastic container about a quart six pack and even though I hated it, had already armed it to explode. Sloshes threatened to come out the top. I had made a reservation on Pan Am, to fly it to Costa Rica, although places in Ohio might do, but I was worried sick about the effects. Why had I armed it. Where did it come from. These were aprioris in the dream. They were already there when I arrived. It reminds us of those Manchurians amongst the reels who do that which they would not, that which I would not that I do, said someone, torn between the be and  end of be. That’s it. In awaking I remain upset, except I know it is how the god particle boys feel. They have sought it, the Standard Model may be wrong but so what, they have access to knowledge that will destroy the world. So they armed it. They made it. They covered it with glue and put in in the oven. There  their compulsion lies baking.

To interpret we don’t think they are pursuing particle physics in this. The paradigm of the Standard Model is incomplete if not false, flat space time but not curved. So while they pursue the half speed LHC dream of Higgs, their thinking is skewed, as if it were being done to them and they deny the existence of the longitudinal wave.

Item: after removing all the gases there is radiation in the vacuum  that persists even if the temperature could be lowered to absolute zero. Therefore, it was simply called the “zero point” radiation.” here

This is time energetics or scalar electromagnetics. So the “emptiness” of empty space is in fact not empty, but a great ocean of energy.

Bearden’s Gravitobiology is on Scribd

*Arno Arboldd was an 11th century Benedictine scribe .

(Arnoul) of Soissons


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