The Severed Head in The Layer Monument

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The Layer Monument

If one were to search the phrase, “O LORD God of Israel there is no God like you,” it is the overwhelming refrain of Israel and all those so touched, such as Naaman, Captain of the Host of the King of Syria, Behold, now I know that there is no God in all the earth, but in Israel.”  “O Yahweh Elohim there is no god like you, in heaven and earth below,” said Solomon, Moses, David, Hannah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel, Nehemiah and everywhere the Psalms.

So if we come to examine the gods of the nations, the hundreds of thousands of gods of the earth and their ascendency in every politics, society, warfare, we might be like Naaman, who took umbrage that the prophet did not personally appear to heal him with some great sign, merely telling him to wash in Jordan seven times. Science disdains this Kingdom for one of its own making, the resurrection for one of its own devise. That is how things stand until Elijah or Elisha appears. Read between the lines.

The Layer Monument shows a head floating above a prayer book which  almost looks like a pyramid.  Kevin Faulkner says “At its centre a large skull floats mysteriously above a Prayer-desk.”  This monument of Christopher Layer is described as ‘bearing Christ in his heart along with Imperial Minds, ‘but the severed head, otherwise the imperial mind, is the apotheosis only of the unmade man, the scientific resurrection.  The phrase“Imperial minds” sums one of the best concealed counterfeits of  time, that is, that “the Olympian gods did not die with advent of Christianity, but lived on” (Faulkner).

If these gods never truly lived, being but shells and no reality of life, how did they unload all the senses of the husks of their divided minds into the severed head of the nations,  Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome?  This was most notably done in the Babylon Captivity when Israel gave over all reference to Yahweh, changing the Name to the generic, God. Hence they are real, but what real?

You might think you could take the method of learning from the rediscovered Greeks, and not the philosophy, but the learning is older than that, woven into the text and subtext of cultures so they irrevocably tainted. In essence Paracelsus replaced the Paraclete, and Jung, Campbell and Eliade Trismegistus made formulas of power and influence inside the shell world, not the true. Theosophy religion thinks to contact fire and transform itself into a god, a human apotheosis such as the gods on the capitol dome. This severed head is the apotheosis of man also figured in the image of the Layer Monument.

The difference between humanism and revelation on this resembles the two Deans of St. Pauls, Master John Colet and Dr. John Donne in his Sermons. At first it was thought the Greek mind could be brought into the Christian without taint, but the Greek mind destroyed the Christian, although it easily argued the Christian had destroyed the Judaic (except that was the Babylonian). A more compelling analogy of this taint is that Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Britain, America form a chain of successions to the title to be worn by Science in the latter day, a nation-state to supersede them all. To answer the question, can Greek wisdom, theosophy, alchemy, be brought into the Christian (Humanism) without taint? The answer is no more than science, at first thought illuminating and life-giving, can revive human life, having corrupted the human so far as to endanger its extinction. This states baldly what otherwise must be digested from the hundreds of conspirators known to us all.

To cast doubt on humanism’s intellectual adventure, what Arthur Cristian charmingly calls intellectual property, believing against unbelief that this unthinkable bubble pleads by its mentors to be made into straw and burned as another return to fundamentalism, farm, dirt poverty and hopelessness, we need not regress so far to see that the nation of science plows the field of the world pulled by advertising and expediency of new bubbles and dust bowls, ranging new invasive species against us which destroy. King Ranch Bluestem replaces the native. GMO replaces the wheat and corn. Substitutes of the good, we live at the end of this so obvious conquest where the neighbors are storing runoff water in rain barrels. Who does not love the Greeks, the beauty of simplicity, the inquiry into matter? The Greeks are not the issue however, or Christian humanism, the issue is Moses, Exodus 15.11; Hannah, 1 Samuel 2.2; David,  2 Samuel 7.22, 1 Chronicles 17.20;  Solomon, 2 Chronicles 6.14.

  1. Hi ! I’ve only today discovered your post on the Layer monument. Perhaps GLORIA and PAX are shorthand for the liturgy of ‘Gloria in excelsis et in terra pax’. The skull is probably the most common of all momento mori symbols. In alchemy its the Vas Philosophorum, the vessel of transformation, the place where the opposites reside, clash and are reconciled and where the Stone of the Philosopher’s incubates. It does seem to be a pivotal symbol on the monument, relating to all four figurines on its two pilasters. It’s such a rich and complex variant symbol of the tetramorph. Glad that it arouses interest, interpretation and insight in you also !

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