The World Is Afraid of the Child

Posted: March 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

It came right down out the sky and settled on my shoulders that I did not ever want to kill. That vision was the first in the outer world. I did not open my eyes to others, night visitations. I saved opening, or was saved until the moment of this speaking. These prepared me for Jesus, the Blessed, the only eternal man. I know people shake heads at the idea of the only true man. They have not felt it. Evangelicals worry they will not be taken. The fear of not being taken could not compete with the real horrors I knew before 16 On the Way Out of Sheol. It’s a question of magnitude. What do I care about Rapture when carnivals, bordellos, bars, seductions, fights, appalling challenges, and huge literal giants wanted me?  It was said they didn’t like the way I walked. You don’t think children are going such places. You don’t think the underbelly is hid everywhere in the societal middle class fat.  Don’t want to think these lurk in your neighbor, leaders, institutions. I knelt before the Blessed One. That’s unAmerican?  This is not theory. Forces unmask themselves to children, and the children keep silent. If they speak it is to be doubted. Who’s going to believe a child against a priest, adult, a cop? Children hold the notion they are all powerful anyway. Amnesia sets in and endorphins kick in, and one goes on, right. Why? What for? Because, becasue. Woody Guthrie. Here’s A Sense of Reality. So with this wind at my back it was pure salvation to embrace Jesus the Blessed, which brought with it a change of nature and all the intellect and higher training that emerged after, like turning a factory boy into Elijah. I’d hate to have to pay for that, but the literal exchange of natures,  Saved From the End of the World, before the beginning, is a shadow of what preoccupied after. Maybe from reading the books of the martyrs and the New Testament where the only outcome is death by a hundred means of Hebrews 11, Let me never, never, outlive my love to thee, says the Sacred Head. It doesn’t do justice to a 17  year old to tell him he’s a part of the old dying god syndrome and that Osiris started it. Counterfeits. There is only One true. Sure my Mennonite background could be called to account, but before, it was the fear, betrayals, and angers of demons against children that made me run to the Word that never stops flowing, to as many as received him-to them gave he the power. Now, instead of the child being afraid of the world, the world is afraid of the child.

The world would kill all the babies to prevent Moses or to prevent Jesus the Blessed, 55 million abortions in America and counting, but there are counters to demons. Demons own the TV shows though and the news, so if interviewed, as much as being burned at the stake, no explanation as to what, or who or when about the sick old world doesn’t fit the paradigm of Jesus Yahweh. Maybe this much, the war in progress, the war of all time, you, questioner, inquisitor, speak for the enemy of humanity. So to as many as received him…the positions of power who afflict the child, who say they speak for the child, the comfortable who speak for the poor, the movie stars and journalists who visit war zones and get stories, think this exclusionist thinking about Jesus Blessed will wash. They claim it’s bigotry to hide the racism, sexism, capitalism, rape of the earth they represent. It makes for an appreciation of Goya. What better mask to wear to do those things than the news? What better mask to torture and abuse. What better mask for pedophiles and murderers. There are whole institutions devoted to abuse, child abuse, poor abuse, sick abuse. NGOs turning profits from the masses.  The only protection is that nobody knows it, so don’t speak it, but the wheat among the tares has a benign influence, even if the whole purpose of the tares is to subvert the wheat. So the eater and the eaten dispute the gates of mind to own the men of No-Cleveland and No-York who bought and sold. Now coming to a church near you, or in lesser shades of favoritism, character assassination and bullying, no better place for predators to hide  than entertainment, hospitals, churches, police forces, schools, higher ed,  journalism. Beat your breast to the  idol when Cleveland comes, full of evening wolves and sand. Full circle, they give the demon interviews.

I take it this fulfills the requirement, confess your faults one to another because no one is innocent. No not one. Full circle is where I came running, even if I didn’t know it, but later, with better sense, thrust out my hand. People, exactly what I did has been done in the best poetic minds of the English language, and poetic minds are the highest, Herbert, Donne, Milton, Hopkins, Stevens, and the rest have come all or part way too. I was not seeking truth, I was sought, but see what a great thing it is to receive him. This is excerpted from Autobiography of a Poem, an experiment here


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