Not Victim, Not Oppressor

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

I heard someone say that you must forgive those who hurt you. Forgive yes, but hurt, no.  I don’t seem to acknowledge hurt. Enemies of different kinds yes. Take a table in the midst of them. So this leads to victim hood. My three formal occasions were my three burglars when the city sent me a victim rights statement. Since all three were caught and did time I felt like it was more of a warfare they lost. When I addressed the judge in the court at the occasion of the third he turned to the victim burglar and said, see, that’s what  people will say about you.

There is also a victim soul. One who offers up pain for the blessing of another. Rather a higher sort. At Horizons Unlimited in Austin one time a guy bought this book, paid for it and gave it to me.

As to oppressor I quote from Encouragements at Ameryca: Contradiction:

I absorbed a lot of these antagonisms outside the U.S. in 1963, in Costa Rica. Specifically and generally got the feeling from Nicaraguans that America backed the Somozas, from Panamanians that canal was a worst insult, from San Blas Indians that I was the one to be feared. When the repute of a nation is visited upon its citizens later captured and tortured by Taliban it makes the citizen know the apple pie. Not to speak of what the Bolivians, or those from Spanish Harlem had to say. Oddly, to me, I was larger in size that all of them, not six feet, but better dressed, with two! suitcoats, “Andres, tu tienes mucho sacko!” Puerto Ricians were the most virulent against the Exceptional, yet at the same time the national oppositions that visited these privileges could not be denied. As I learned to spread the wealth a little people saw more the heart. Still in the world today, which I know from having taught scores of Jordanians, Kenyans, Nigerians at Bishop, and Israelis, Koreans at Texas – would you believe I taught there Technical Writing for Foreign Students at least twice because they heard I had taught blacks in the American south – Is that profiling or at Bishop College where the utmost moral authority came about 1982, give or take a year, when Maya Angelou and another poet spoke in the auditorium at Bishop College where we held faculty meetings and Dr. Lassiter would stand on stage and rub his belly as he spoke our responsibilities. I was happily at the back. Maya Angelou was no less outspoken as anytime and had a lot to say about the male white made class of oppressors of women and blacks. The only one represented that day to feel her arraignment, felix culpa, me, did not disagree in the slightest with anything she said, but bore it then as much as  20 years before what Latin American students thought of their American oppressors. I have no doubt that her moral suasion and authority of life came from that time when she was raped at seven and after telling her uncle and the man was put to death, she did not speak for five years. She did not speak from the power of her words, so that when she did, it was with this great authority. I did not stay for the Q & A. Hearing her frank obsequies today at her passing, I ask anybody to understand the discomfort of representing the enemy.


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