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Star Worship

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Guggenheim-Bilbao Leviathan and EU Parliament-Babel combine with a spider and a siren and the Blue Horse of Denver as examples of intimidation iconography.  Visions of reality to dwarf the viewer, shrink confidence. Structures read like comic illustrations, semaphores on the runways of the new age that Anubis and the Denver Murals are signaling. Architects, dubbed “archistars” for their designs, make starchitecture to memorialize the works of thousands of years,  including the Trojan Horse and the Ishtar Gate. The Blue Horse in Denver doesn’t quite seem demonic enough. Such honor should be reserved for that part human / part beast seen by the Aztecs as the Spanish on horseback. The depictions in ancient Sumer of horses with the head of a lion, hair of a woman, and stingers in their tails as if from Bergman’s Seventh Seal preview recombinant mutants of all kinds from USDA labs.  The movies long ago replaced the news as sources of current events. Movies and of course the classics. Visiting Anubis, the Jackal-headed death dog that floated down the Thames from Egypt on its world tour, joins the line of iconic figures that dwarf or magnify the past in the guise of bringing art to the masses.The starchitectures of Gigantotomy are a lot to take in one, let alone many: the Tower of Babel, Ishtar Gate, Capitol Dome, Washington Monument, Nebuchadnezzar’s gold statue, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, EU Parliament, Denver Airport, the eyes of Oculus Horus in the subway beneath the 9/11 site, a vortex swallowing the globe. Name your own. Goat statues don’t count. The starchitectures of Gigantotomy are a lot to take in one.   Opiomes the Domes!