The Cave

Posted: November 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

The illusion is so strong it asserts the world we see is real and not the reflection of a bubble. World does not mean nature. World means mental, creating intrinsic value. The illusion states that Faulkner, Yeats are great from their own merit and not for the purpose they serve in fostering the illusion. The world encompasses all the fine thinkers, an illusion so manifold it contradicts itself at all points, supports all sides in every contest, invests in all philosophies, governments, always lends a hand. Our chief advantage, sparing a more active intervention in our lives that imprisons us in the threat of death, is that we are no thrones, truly nobodies, unnoticed.. “Puff Graham,” Hearst said. Puff, puff, mark a pathetic state of all who want to be puffed. Not content with the breath, we want to be known for it, are easily exploited with illusion. Not even Babylon controls this system where every slogan,  common belief, public opinion of the segment we call the righteous falls, then it is a hero, and its enemies are the goats, since it serves its purpose to fund them both. Both hold up umbrella.

My solution of this is “for thy sake we are killed all the day long.”


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